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Thursday News and Links - Andy Carroll POTY?! Edition

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A quick look at some of the news for the week.

Ian Walton

Andy Carroll was named West Ham Chairmen's Player of the Year. That doesn't say much for the rest of west Ham considering how long he was out this year and his goal scoring ratio isn't exactly earth shattering at 7 goals in 22 games. However, his form has improved as of late. Couple that with this POTY award and Liverpool have some solid ground to stand on in asking for decent money for Carroll, although not quite the 35m we'd all love to recoup.

Wee Jay Spearing was also voted Bolton's Player of the Year which has put Newcastle on alert. While I love the little guy, once Allen comes back it is hard to see how he is going to get any time.

A very interesting read about the neighborhoods surrounding Anfield and the effects of the club's preparations for the proposed redevelopment on them. It is actually quite depressing and makes one reconsider if this is actually the right way to go.

Something you won't hear often: Suarez has escaped punishment...from FIFA for his punch on a Chilean defender during recent World Cup qualifying. Clearly this would have been the last thing he would have needed at this point, although he did punch the guy.

Fergie is retiring, Moyes following in Wazza's footsteps to become the most hated man in Liverpool. Our "friends" over at The Busby Babe have some excellent coverage if you are interested in seeing the Manc perspective on it all. Even Rafa has put his tumultuous relationship with Fergie aside to offer up some kind words. Love him or hate him (which I'm sure we all lean towards the latter), you still have to respect what he has accomplished if you are honest.

Lastly, Stiliyan Petrov has been forced into retirement following his long bout with Leukemia. We here wish him all the best in his continuing battle.