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Out and All A-Loan: Update

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We check on our loaned players. A Player Of The Season, A kid on form, and a few lads for the future

Chris Brunskill

Dani Pacheco

Dani Pacheco is on form for SD Huesca. He's scored 3 in his last 4 games. Sadly for him, those 3 goals have all come in matches which Huesca has lost, the biggest lost they've taken is the only match he didn't score in. A 5-1 drubbing by Real Madrid Castilla. Again, it makes you wonder, why has he not made an impact at Liverpool? Surely he can make a name for himself soon. I hope so, especially with Luis out. With him suspended, we only have 2 out-and-out strikers, and maybe him or Carroll can fill that void. If I were to tell the truth, I'd be more partial to Dani getting more playing time than Carroll, so, based on Dani's play, is more like Suarez, so that we can keep the attack the way it is now, and not have to change things for Carroll.

Jay Spearing

Jay Spearing has been awarded Bolton Wanderers player of the season. In his last match, he played 43 minutes against Bristol City, and scored a goal. He has also picked up a total of 7 yellow cards, and has 6 assists to his name. He seems to have grown as a player at Bolton, not as rash in his tackling, and seems a bit stronger. But, as with any player in his position, has Lucas Leiva to contend with for a starting place, and Lucas is without a doubt one of the best holding midfielders in the game right now. With Jay's success at Bolton, will he look for a long-term move to the Reebok? A lot of people believe in him at Liverpool, but will he be content with a bench place now that he's done so well? That remains to be seen. We do need a back-up for Lucas, and Jay is our first choice in that role if needed, but I can't see him staying if he's done so well and matured so well at Bolton.

Andy Carroll

Andy's been on fine form lately, putting in some impressive performances, against the Manchester clubs especially. Against United he was winning things in the air against a physical (Mental more like *Cough*) Phil Jones, and scoring a consolation goal against City in their latest match. His goal tally is now 7, which for a lad who was out so long earlier in the season, isn't the worst. He's said he's determined to continue his form against his old side Newcastle at the weekend and a lot of people are hoping that his form continues into next season, at Anfield. However, does late season form constitute in him being let back into the fold? As I said, with Carroll in up front, we would have to change the entire dynamic of the strike force and make sure there is someone there to provide balls into him to latch onto. Stevie G could definitely do this, yes, but we've spent an entire year playing pass-and-move football that still has its kinks. And when it doesn't, it looks astounding. So the question is this. Do we change our whole tactic around, which could be unstoppable if we get it squeaky clean, or do we go with the change just for one guy because we want his form in particular, and not always the whole sides', to be perfect?

Jack Robinson

Jack Robinson recently completed 96 minutes against Burnley for Wolves, in a 2-1 loss. As I've said before, his loan seems to be about playing time and overall experience than anything else, though it does worry me that Jose Enrique is our only out-and-out Left Back. I'm not saying that the experience wasn't at all needed, Jack was spending all of his time in the reserves, and while, for a guy at his age, the reserves isn't that bad, he did seem to need a wee push in the right direction. He seemed lax at times, leading to him not getting many look-ins over the past few seasons. I do have high hopes for him, though. It seems like he could be our future starting Left back. The question is, when will he man up and become worthy of that starting position?

The Hearts Duo (Wilson & Ngoo)

Danny Wilson and Micheal Ngoo are both enjoying stints at Tyncastle, getting valuable experience and even playing in a League Cup Final. One wonders if Danny has a future here, but Micheal seems to, with our threadbare number of strikers. Danny's also featured at Left Back, which could be useful to us if Jose gets hurt at some point next season. as well as Jack Robinson coming back. and Ngoo seems to have a bright future, having scored 5 Goals in 15 appearances for the Hearts. With these loans being mostly for experience, will we see either of these lads in contention for places next season?