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Can't Believe It's Over - Coutinho 1.5, QPR 0

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The end of the season, the end of an era. Liverpool spank QPR, even if it doesn't seem so by the scoreline.

Thanks for the memories!
Thanks for the memories!
Julian Finney

The match we all dread, the last of the season, leaves us now with an anxious 77 days to wait until the match up of the century, Man U Wigan in the Community Shield, kicks off the next season. With that it was a nice, but fitting way for Liverpool to end their season; they had loads of chances and only one goal to show for it.

Before we get too excited though, remember this insanely dominating performance was against a QPR side that had even less to play for than Liverpool. It is quite clear that many of them don't even have pride because the talent level is there. The will and desire is not and surely this puts a dent in Harry Redknapp's resume, especially on the part most people attribute as his best talent, man management.

That said, there are clearly signs of life at Liverpool and in all honesty, I feel better about where Liverpool is heading than where United are heading given all their recent turmoil and their squad. Sturridge looks fantastic and hungry. Coutinho...well...I'm running out of adjectives. Downing has found some semblance of the form that Kenny Daglish wanted so badly. And Suarez, well, he has figured out to score even if his chance conversion ratio isn't remarkably better.

Beyond that, the future appears quite bright through the youth academy. Ibe looked as if he had been doing this for three years. Sterling made a huge impact early on. Wisdom looks the real deal and don't forget about the injured Martin Kelly.

As for the match, it should have been 10-0. Loads and loads of chances and absolute domination.

I've put this off long enough, we have to talk about Carra's last match; one which saw by far hands down the best strike of his career only to be denied by the woodwork. Even at the beginning of the season most of us thought he was done and were asking why he hadn't already retired. Now we are left with that empty feeling wondering why he won't stay. Football is a funny fickle thing. To Jaime, thanks for everything and the memories, this season proved you are truly a Liverpool legend.

Talking points:

-Next year, hopefully what should have been Coutinho's first of the match will actually be counted. In all fairness to the referee and assistant, there was really no way for them to tell if that had crossed the line.

-Poor Sturridge looked so frustrated all match. That hunger is a good thing though.

-Ibe looks like a very very bright prospect. Granted it was QPR, but perhaps against the lesser teams the youth should be used more to give the first team a break while breaking the kids in.

-Coutinho is just incredible. I can't believe, one, Inter let him leave, and two, they let him leave for so little.

-Lucas played a little deep for my liking again, but he still seems to be trying to get back to where he was.

-Perhaps sometimes Liverpool try too hard in and around the box. When they run into masses of bodies, I would rather see them kick it back out, spread the field and try again

-Henderson drives me crazy. He is trying just too hard. He needs to relax and just play and play smarter balls at times.

-Where has this Glen Johnson been hiding, I realize it was QPR, but this was a vintage Glen Johnson performance.