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Time For a Dump: The Week in Liverpool News and Links

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Time for a dump. A news dump, get your mind out of the gutter.

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Michael Regan

If you didn't see, the new home kit was released yesterday. The changes are subtle, but overall it seems to be an improvement. Warrior again did their homework ensuring the kit paid homage to years past with some subtle styling.

Brendan Rodgers has stated that he would potentially say "thanks but no thanks" to a spot in Europa League next year if they were to qualify through the Fair Play initiative. Here is the table as it currently sits. Sure, he is saying it, but who is really making the decisions? Is appealing to a massive Asian/Australian market full of potential more important than playing in a tournament where they would be luck to break even in revenues and don't have the depth to compete on all fronts? Yeah, maybe.

Jose Enrique says he is happy to have left Newcastle. Surely after all the booing he felt even happier. That said, he surely had to have a few questions in his mind after last year when Newcastle finished above Liverpool.

Jamie Carragher has signed for Sky Sports to be a commentator. The real question though, will anyone outside the northwest of England understand anything he has to add?

On the Suarez front:

Ivonavich has publicly forgiven Suarez for the bite. Some say he has handled this quite well and not used it as a platform. While I agree for the most part, publicly accepting the apology it somewhat similar to using it as a platform to show what a great person you are. However, that is pretty petty of me now isn't it?

Suarez was booed at the PFA awards when announced as second in the player of the year voting and announced as making the PFA team of the year. Way to stay classy PFA; this is pretty sad considering the audience contained no fans, just supposed professionals.

It is possible the boos were poorly timed and meant for the comedian who was hired as entertainment. Talk about making it awkward; he repeatedly used the n-word during his routine. Clearly he doesn't keep up with football. He was so bad the PFA was trying to get a refund. Did they not watch any of his material before hiring him? Hey, PFA! I'm available for next year. I'm not funny, but I won't use the n-word.

That's all for now, I'll post a more in depth article on the FA's ill-logic later this week when I get a chance. Thanks for reading. As always, let us know what you think below.