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Liverpool v Fulham Player Ratings

Fulham gets Sturridge'd.

Mike Hewitt


Pepe Reina - 7 - Made all of the necessary saves including one on a fizzling free kick from John Arne Riise. The goal conceded was unstoppable.

Wisdom - 6 - The defining moment in the game for the youngster was the gigantic long ball he played from well in his own third that found Sturridge for the first goal. It was nice seeing him back out there.

Carragher - 6 - It's hard to know whether or not to blame Carra for Fulham's goal. He just couldn't jump high enough to get to the cross which eventually found the head of Berbatov. It's a ball that he simply can't get to anymore. Besides the goal allowed, Carragher played well.

Coates - 6 - It was equally surprising that he was on the pitch and that he didn't totally look like an out of shape statue. Some would say he should have been sent off for his last man aerial challenge on Berbatov but if called that would have been one of the softest reds of the year. Good job to the ref for letting that go. Obviously no bias from me here.

Johnson - 6 - Why does he suddenly need to dive in recklessly at someone every game? Saw yellow for a challenge that was plain stupid. I've never understood why a player would go dangerously in on a play in the opposition half as his team has the lead. It makes no sense. But other than that, Glen was fine. He had one extremely impressive dribble where he got past three defenders to the touch line.

Downing - 6 - Only passed the ball forward 19% of the time and took one shot the entire match (this shot was blocked). These two stats typify a generally quiet showing from Downing in the attack.

Shelvey - 5 - This was another chance for Shelvey to prove himself and another chance not taken. He looked lost at times and couldn't convert a first half goal scoring opportunity.

Lucas - 6 - Fulham never looked too dangerous on the counter and this was in large part due to the presence of Lucas. His play wasn't amazing but it didn't need to be against a side whose form chart looks like a little kid learning how to write the letter L.

Henderson - 6 - Fulham is the type of team that Hendo should be excellent against because they aren't strong enough to expose his technical deficiencies. For some reason he was never able to grow into the game and take over like I had hoped.

Coutinho - 8 - After being largely absent early on, Coutinho came to life with a brilliant passing display including the play of the day in setting up Sturridge for his third. This guy continues to wow me each week. In a few years it'll be interesting to see where his purchase ranks amongst best Premier League signings. His play even now is making Rodgers look like a bit of a genius.

Sturridge - 10 - What a show he put on. A display of total dominance in which he scored three and could have had even more.


Enrique - 6 - Not sure why he came on for Wisdom but he played well.

Borini - 7 - Borini almost had his second "off the bench and into the net" moment in three weeks when his curling effort struck the post. It's nice to see him making the most of the time he is given from Rodgers as not every player is able to do that (I'm looking at you Jonjo).

Coady - N/A - Not enough time to do anything. It is encouraging nonetheless that Rodgers is giving the youngsters a taste of the big stage.

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