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Does it Really Matter? Liverpool v Fulham Preview

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A preview of the upcoming match against Fulham and gamethread.

Stevie and Riise, hugging it out.
Stevie and Riise, hugging it out.
Alex Livesey

I'm not even sure what to write about this one. It very much has the "just biding our time" feel to it as the season plays out with little to play for. Liverpool were coming off an absolutely stunning display against Newcastle and then promptly laid an egg in the Derby, something that should never happen. Liverpool did thrash Fulham 4-0 earlier this season, perhaps we will get a nice repeat.

With Liverpool lacking Gerrard, Agger and Suarez, what can we expect now? Who knows? The line up will be quite different and with all the loving Rodgers has been showing Shelvey I'm sure we'll see him for one last chance/putting him on display in the storefront window.

Fulham have had another average season and reached the relative safety of 40 points a while back. Then they apparently decided to go on holiday as their last 6 games are the worst in the league: LDLLLL. They will be missing Sidwell who will be suspended as well as Davies, and Diarra most likely due to injury. I'm not going to sit here and pretend to know a ton about Fulham, I don't. In fact, this season they have flown under the radar so much that I almost forgot they were still in the league.

Some talking points:

-BR says Reina is not for sale. We'll see how true that is based on how much he plays the last couple games.

-Man do I miss John Arne Riise. I'll be quite disappointed if I don't here his song sung from the traveling Kop.

-I hope to see a couple of youngsters get a good run out, particularly Suso, Assaidi and maybe even Coady and Wisdom.

-That's all I got. I really could care less about this game. I still want to win, but it feels like it'll be a preseason friendly and those are just hard to get overly excited about. It is almost along the lines of a sort of tree falls in the forest idiom.