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Liverpool Player Ratings v West Ham

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Momma told me there'd be days like this....

Alex Livesey

That felt like deja vu, except it wasn't because we have seen performances like this before. However, I thought they were behind us. Yet again this season, Liverpool have failed to convert absolute control of a game into three points. They took 20 shots, but only 8 were on target and created a number of chances. Liverpool were about due for another one of these types of matches.

On to the ratings:


Reina - 6 - Nothing to do all game except for watch Lucas knee the ball off the line. What a kick in the groin that would have been had it gone it.

Enrique - 6 - Got forward in support as usual, but too many of his crosses did not find their mark (I could say this for everyone I suppose since Liverpool's crossing success rate was only 9.5%). He has had better days, but wasn't awful either. Not much to do in defense.

Carragher - 6 - Exposed for pace quite a few times giving West Ham a few decent opportunities. However, stood strong against West Ham's big men for most of the match.

Agger - 7 - You could just tell he was itching to score another cracking goal against West Ham and nearly did twice with one being blocked (possibly by an arm) and another being tipped just wide. Defensively he dealt with the aerial threat well and helped to cover for Carrager's lack of pace. Decent block in the first half too from the careless giveaway.

Johnson - 6 - Got forward a lot, sometimes leaving Carra exposed. Very similar to Enrique in that the possession in the attacking half could have been better.

Lucas - 6 - A tale of two halves, Lucas struggled mightily in the first half. He was bypassed by the defense in distribution and overrun by the West Ham attackers. Nearly gifted West Ham a goal as he dwelled too long on the ball and gave it away. Second half he was much tidier in possession and with his tackles. Oh, and he made that great clearance off the goal line.

Gerrard - 7 - Once again in the second he showed what has made him Captain Fantastic. He took the game on his shoulders and tried extremely hard to push his team on. Very nearly had a penalty and likely should have. This was probably the most movement I have seen from him in quite some time.

Downing - 5 - A couple of wasted chances after getting into good position, subbed early.

Coutinho - 7 - Dangerous play, especially early in the game. His passing again was superb, setting up at least 5 decent scoring opportunities. Also had a couple of good looks at goal early on as well, but needed to hold some of his runs for just another fraction of a second. Looks so far to be a fantastic buy.

Henderson - 6 - He was a bit too wasteful in possession, but he was not as bad as I have heard people saying. His motor never stopped as he busted his butt to make something happen. His movement off the ball seemed to put him in decent positions to support for much of the match. We have to face it though, he still often lacks that final ball or touch. Whether that will come with time remains to be seen.

Suarez - 7 - He was given a torrid time by Collins who seemed to have his number all but one time. However, despite that he still found a ton of opportunities picking on other player. We was all over the pitch trying to create, but it came to nothing. Just wasn't his day.


Sturridge - 6 - I am a bit confused as to why Sturridge has fallen out of favor with BR. His movement today complimented Suarez's, but not necessarily Henderson's as they seemed to be too close together on a number of occasions. Almost scored, but was just a hair offside. It just never really came off though. Surprisingly he only took two shots.

Assaidi - 5 - Offered nothing but an errant cross. I really want to see him break through, but he is going to have to seize the opportunities much better than he did today.