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Who'd of Thunk It? - Liverpool 6 - Newcastle 0

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Liverpool absolutely demolish Newcastle

Gareth Copley

This was an absolutely astonishing game in which Liverpool put their week of woes behind them to absolutely thrash Newcastle, putting police horses everywhere on Tyneside in extreme danger. Give Rodgers lots of credit, he got his team up and ready for this match. Yeah yeah, Newcastle's defense is not good at all this year, but I'm done hearing that. That might account for 3-0. Six nil shows a desire and determination that no one surely expected

As with the past few matches, this match was quite chippy. As with the past two, there was a read card, but this one baffled me. Debuchy almost seemed as if he just wanted to leave. The challenge was just lazy, reckless and well deserving of a second yellow or possibly straight red. However, it speaks to the troubles Alan Pardew is going to have holding this team together.

As for Liverpool, it was the perfect game to cure their woes following the loss of their key player. However, that might have been the key to the game. With Liverpool no longer trying to play 90% of the attack through one man, Newcastle struggled to contain and track Coutinho Henderson and Sturridge. It does give a glimmer of hope that this might show the new future. However, it is too soon and was against a shellshocked team so I'm not sure how much we can actually learn from this.

Some points:

-Check out this brave Liverpool fan behind the net cheering Borini's goal. Very brave, likely going to need a police horse escort out of there:

-This game again illustrated the importance of an early goal to this Liverpool team. They seem to really need it to draw team's defenses out of their shell and open up the space they need to pass as they do.

-Daniel Sturridge really can't dance, but man was I hoping he would get a hatrick. However, he showed great selflessness all game, dishing the ball out when another teammate had a better opportunity

-I was a little worried early as there was a huge gap between Lucas and the top line, but it didn't matter with Coutinho slicing open Newcastle's midfield at every opportunity. This kid can play, the question is can everyone keep up with his vision and mind?

-I feel for Newcastle fans. This season must be like a horse kick to the groin for them going from fifth to a relegation battle.

-Great to see Borini back and better yet to see him score. This should lift some pressure from his shoulders at a time when his services will be needed.

-Liverpool are still 5 points behind Everton. It will be a tall order to finish above them with only 3 matches remaining.