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Thursday Rumors Roundup: A Flying Dutchman, Micah, and a Frenchman

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Who's in, who's out, and who's being banded about?

Ian Walton

A midfielder who's also being courted by mancs, a Big defender who's finding it hard to find 1st team football, and a French connection are the hot topics of this week's rumors article.

Kevin Strootman

Dutch International Kevin Strootman is the latest midfielder to be on the rumors block for the Reds. Kevin's played 80 times for his current club PSV, scoring 14 goals. He's known as a deep lying midfielder, playing Holding roles or in the Center of Midfield. He was signed as a youth player by Sparta Rotherdam in 2007, quickly becoming a star, and in 2011, after a short spell with Utrecht, had signed for Feyernoord. Despite all that, he's still only 23, and would fit in with our "Youth First" policy.

It's a bit worrying though. With as many midfielders as we have, and Jay Spearing possibly coming back, into the bargain, would he get playing time? And of course, there's the small job of getting in front of Lucas. Could he do that? He looks as if he could score a goal, which is something Lucas has only done twice in his time at Liverpool.

(via Youtuber AndreCostaComps)

Micah Richards

Yet another defender in the rumors surrounding Martin Skrtel's Will He/Won't He debate is Micah Richards, and obviously, there's no denying the kid has talent. He's played 173 times for City, scoring 7 goals, which for a defender isn't so bad, his best performance, arguably in recent years, is the 6-1 drubbing of Man U, in which he was voted Man Of The Match.

However, he's had a recent fight battling injury, and that might be why he wouldn't be the best of lads to sign, It would be a huge gamble, but so was keeping Daniel Agger, and he's been better than now he ever was. So may the gamble be worth it?

(via Youtube bloodybutsa)

Jeremy Menez

With the arrival of "The Ibra" and Ezeqiuel Lavezzi on Parisian soil, Menez hasn't been getting as many starts at PSG this year, leading to speculation that he may be leaving. In 39 appearances for PSG this year he has 7 goals and 11 assists, and apparently has a decent understanding with his fellow strikers. He's made 24 appearances for France, scoring 2 goals, and has 1 assist. He's known for his pace, and skill on the ball.

(via Youtuber Itaketsu Taylor)

In the outs section there's Andy and Hendo.

Andy Carroll

At West Ham he's a player who's garunteed a starting place. Can he be given that at Liverpool? Maybe not. In fact, he tends to stick out like a sore thumb. He doesn't fit into Brendan's plans at all, but still, there's a small chance he may come back with Luis's ban in effect and leave again in January if his form can't continue as it has in London.

Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson came into the season out of form and favor, but vowing to players and fans, and even to himself, it seemed that his form would improve and he would fight for his place. It seems as though he has, and his last few performances (against Villa especially) have shown that, and he's made me proud with his progress and how easy his role, (which seems a bit like Lucas' in terms of the amount of strength it requires except for the fact that he picks times to join the attack) seems so easy for him. Even with this, though, he's finding it hard to make week-in-week-out apperances, and only more recently have they come. Could he be in the shop window?