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Liverpool Player Ratings v Reading

Warren Little

Clearly disappointment is likely not strong enough of a word. It wasn't a lack of chances. One could argue it wasn't even a lack of quality. It was just one of those days where the opposing keeper appears to have wrapped the goal in Saran wrap. It just wasn't going to happen. the only worry though, is that a game like this can really deflate a team's confidence. Two games like this in a row, well...I probably don't need to say anymore. We shall see what they bring for a huge match against a Chelsea team that has to be running on fumes. On to the ratings:


Reina - 7 - He was massive twice this game. Otherwise, he was a complete spectator who might as well broken out his pillow. His form is starting to return, thank god.

Enrique -6 - Looked a typical game for him as of late. Got forward, but was relatively ineffective. Had little defending to do, but did it well enough when called upon.

Carragher -6 - If only that early corner had fallen to someone other than Carra. He still nearly put the header in the far corner. Did well to shore up the back and keep the clean sheet.

Agger -6 - Like Reina, he had little to do for much of the match. Got forward once and just tried a bit too much losing the ball starting a counter.

Johnson - 5 - I was not impressed by neither his attacking nor defending. While he got forward, he squandered possession too often.

Lucas - 4 - Poor. Just poor. He was completely bypassed in possession and then saw himself struggling to stop the counter. Sometimes it was foolishly stabbing at the ball allowing the attacker to round him easily, other times he was committing dumb fouls of lingering on the ball. I said it before, but he works best in a crowded midfield, not a midfield that has been conceded by the midfield.

Gerrard - 7 - He tried his best. His distribution was fantastic and I'm still not quite sure how his shot was saved in the second. He definitely controlled the entire game.

Coutinho - 7 - Another lively display, he forced an early fingertip save from McCarthy. He was a general nuisance for much of the first half and was quite influential. Nearly scored a cheeky goal, but was correctly ruled offside. Faded a bit as the game went on.

Henderson - 5 - It's just not there. He is just a touch too sloppy in possession. There is no denying his work ethic though, but he is not on the same wavelength as the rest of the team. Pretty much ineffective other than one deflected volley.

Sturridge - 6 - At least one decent dummy that I remember. Perhaps was a bit too cute at times and also took a couple of frustrating low percentage shots that he blasted over the net. Just like Suarez, he too was denied by a couple of top drawer saves on a few good chances. I really do enjoy watching his movement with Suarez.

Suarez - 7 - Hit the post on his free kick and was denied by an absolutely stupendous save from close range. He had a great chance early that, in hindsight, he should have struck a touch more firmly to prevent it from being spectacularly cleared off the line. It just wasn't his day.


Downing - 6 - Got involved straightaway and was a definitely upgrade over Henderson.