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Rememberance and Perserverance

No More Lies, Justice is Close


I decided to hold off writing anything about Hillsborough until after the day's events. It seemed to me more appropriate not to add to the clutter and distract from the importance of this day. I'll keep it simple.

As the death of Margret Thatcher has highlighted, there is still a long way to go to ensure not just justice, but the continuing pursuit of education to ensure future generations fully understand what ACTUALLY happened. Her actions and words were deplorable and the fact that no statement was forthcoming following all of the recent revelations says a lot about her as a person.

It is vitally important that the 96 not be forgotten or slandered, but and just as important that the lessons are learned and heeded so their deaths weren't entirely in vain. Sure, it would have seemed an unthinkable situation where an entire police force and politicians were capable of such despicable conspiracy without so much as a leak for 20 some years, but it happened. Newspapers The Sun let their biases interfere with their reporting and a nation and much of the world were fooled. It absolutely boggles my mind that these people can still go home to their families and look them in the eyes and that they can even sleep at night.

What happened there that fateful day 24 years ago has changed families, football and a city forever. The actions that followed have changed generations. With justice creeping ever closer, it is important to keep pushing forward for the truth and accountability. Well done to the families and fans who have refused to let it rest and have seen the fruits of their labor. Your resolve is inspirational.

Most importantly though, to the 96, may you rest in peace and know, You'll Never Walk Alone.