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Liverpool v Reading Preview

A look at Liverpool's upcoming fixture against Reading.

Clive Mason

This should be a blow out. Then again, it should have been a blowout last time too, but Liverpool could only manage one goal from over 20 shots. This has unfortunately become the story of Liverpool's season. The team is different now though, last time Sahin was starting. With Coutinho's flair and eye for the open man and Reading's all but certain relegation, they are right for a thrashing. But they do have Adam LeFondre, who has proven to have a decent eye for goal. If Liverpool continue to live dangerously in defense as they have over the past few weeks, it could be a bit of an Aston Villa redux.

Sterling had a break out game of sorts last time where he netted his first senior goal and when people outside the club started truly taking notice of him. However, it all may have been too much too soon as he has faded a bit as of late. He won't feature in this game anyways since he hasn't recovered from his thigh injury. This is a massive three points if Liverpool have any hope of remaining in the Europa League chase as well as finishing above Everton.

Poor Nigel Adkins, the happiest man alive, has essentially been thrust into a no win situation. It is clear that he was brought in to prepare for promotion next year. Unfortunately for Reading, they have been more poorly managed than a Ponzi scheme, which has seen the best players routinely raked from their squad with little replacement. One can't help but just feel a little pity for the Reading fans. They haven't picked up a point in their last seven matches and I can't see that changing now.

The full three points are vital. Failing to secure them will see Liverpool's Europa League hopes take a big dent as do their hopes of retaining Suarez.

Some thinking points:

-Downing will be fit again, but will he start? While Henderson has proved willing to work his socks off, this game might be better suited for Downing to run down the flanks and Sturridge to play up top.

-Sturidge seems to have lost his starting place. I have no idea why. I would hope he gets the call up for this match to since it will be fun to watch him and Suarez against a shaky defense.

-Can the back line stay composed enough to cut out Adam LeFondre? If so, this should be a long match for Reading.

-Don't forget, Suarez only has one yellow until a suspension. Losing him for the Chelsea match would be a massive blow.

-Will we see Skrtel ever again? It is definitely looking like he has already played his last match at Liverpool.

-Assaidi got a cameo last week. Against a team like this, I would like to see him and a couple of the other youngsters get a chance if Liverpool go up big.