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Transfer Thursday-Week 2: Punches, Germans, and Termiators

The 2nd Week of the Bi-Weekly Transfer Thursday article, discussing more ins, and more outs

Alex Livesey

This week, we scope in on the Centerback and Midfield roles, with the ongoing rumors that our own Martin Skrtel may be heading out.

Benedikt Howedes

Benedikt Howedes is a German International currently signed to Shalke, in the German Bundesliga. He's played 140 times for his club, scoring 7 goals. Benedikt has also played 12 times for the German national side, scoring 1 goal in a 3-1 loss to Argentina. He also represented Germany at Euro 2012. He's won the DFB Pokal (German Cup) with Shalke in 2011, and is currently the side's captain.

At 25, a full International, and a Captain, it may take a bit to get him to sign, but personally, I think a bit of experience is needed to replace Martin, who's been a stalwart at the back for years, unlike the likes of Williams (Who may be experienced but not at PL level) or Sakho, who doesn't get in the side at PSG anymore with the options they have. He'd be my ideal replacement, apart from Matts Hummels, who seems to be way out of our reach.

(Via Youtuber ShalkesPukki04)

Ashley Williams

Swansea man Ashley Williams is our next spotight. The man has made 207 appearances since his permanent move to Wales, (having joined from Stockport in 2008 on loan, in which he made 3 appearances.) He is familiar with Rodgers' system, and rumors have surfaced in the evening papers across the pond that we're prepared to make a formal bid in the range of 10-15 million pounds for the Wales captain.

Having gone on record saying that he would like to "knock Suarez out" I don't believe that he would be a good fit for us, if he can't get on with our players. That said, he is known to have been a Liverpool supporter when he was young, and playing at your dream club might change your perspective on things. Besides, Brendan has before came out and said that Luis and Ashley shook hands on the matter, and multiple sources claim that Suarez isn't as feisty off the pitch. So, may Williams and Suarez get along if they're on the same team? Maybe, maybe not.

(via MrBoywunderComps)

Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen was once the youngest player at World Cup 2010 playing for Denmark. He is now one of Europe's most sought after players, and a stalwart for Ajax and someone Johann Cruyff described as "A player I like with all my heart." Since his move to Ajax in 2008 he has progressed, excited and become loved by Ajax fans. He's made 104 appearances for the senior side, scoring 21 goals since his 1st team debut in 2010.

We are rumored, as well as many clubs including Man U, Chelsea, and Spurs, to be in for him, and most recently rumored to be leading the race for his signature. He is tipped as a possible replacement for the one and only Stevie G, known for his ability to get the ball to almost anyone on the pitch, much akin to Xabi Alonso, but also having an eye for goal himself,

(via Youtube User GIARHDVideos)

Now for this week's out's, we take a look at a man who's made of glass, the out-of-form future legend, and a youngster with a bright future.

Suso (Loan)

After joining the reds from Cadiz in 2010, Suso has been fast tracked into the first team, as like his fellow youngster Raheem Sterling. Suso's only spent 2 years in the academy, despite only being 19. He's known for his passing ability, as well as his feet, and an eye for goal, and made 18 appearances in this, his debut season. However, his 1st team opportunities have been few since Christmas, and he may have to go on loan to another club to continue his education and development. Maybe a team like a team like Wigan or Swansea in a deal for Williams?

Fabio Borini

A player who came to Merseyside with big hopes and intentions, Fabio Borini has been made of glass since his move here, only making 9 appearances. This has led to many fans believing he isn't good enough. However, I for one think he needs time to prove before anyone can doubt him. Despite this, and his injuries, Italian side Fiorentina are expected to be in for him, and have been for awhile now. Maybe Brendan and co. may look to cut their losses, who knows?

Martin Skrtel

There's no denying Martin's been out of form. Something in his head isn't exactly right. We don't know whether it's Rodgers, or his home life, or what. But it has led to the inevitable. The possibility of him leaving. He's done so much as a player for us. Keeping us in games, and bringing us back into them. Sometimes in epic fashion (February 27th, 2012, anyone?) However, many people believe that he has lost his way, maybe become a bit disillusioned in his starting place, the manager included. But, instead of giving him a few games' rest, he has left him out the team entirely, even further leading to the speculation he may leave.

I personally wouldn't sell him for anything less than 30 million. He's a beast. The man can do anything. He's the Terminator In Red for god sakes, everyone has a few bad games. One just hopes he can dust himself off and return to his nearly unstoppable form of years before.

That's it for this week, next week we'll have another look at Liverpool's Loanees.