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Liverpool Player Ratings v Wigan

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A look at the individual player performances in Liverpool's 4-0 win at Wigan.

Alex Livesey

Let's be honest, it wasn't the most convincing 4-0 win I've ever seen, but it does seem to indicate this team in on a role. When they win, they win big. With Arsenal in free fall and Agent Benitez doing his best to dismantle Chelsea from the inside out, it could make for an interesting finish and fight for fourth and/or the final Europa spot. It is also nice to note that Liverpool only mustered 8 shots total, 6 were on frame and one was blocked. That is not the Liverpool we've come to know.


Reina - 9 - Fantastic long ball to Coutinho to start the first goal. Then, was in vintage form over the rest of the game pulling off a number of top class saves to keep the clean sheet. This is the best game he has had in a long time.

Johnson - 7 - Marauding run to set up the fourth goal with a calmly slotted pass to release Suarez. Relatively untested for most of the game though.

Carragher - 7 - Perhaps a bit generous considering the defense let in a number of decent chances on Reina, but a clean sheet is a clean sheet. Got caught for pace a couple of times, but either recovered himself or held up play long enough to subdue the threat.

Agger - 7 - Kept Wigan's attack from penetrating directly into the box. Did well sliding over for Enrique allowing him to get forward all game. Nearly got an assist to Henderson at the end, but it was cleared off the line.

Enrique - 7 - Made a number of his decent overlapping runs, but didn't seem to get forward as much as usual. This is possibly due to the fact that Coutinho seemed to stay out wide most of the game. Solid as always in defense.

Lucas - 7 - Quietly did his job harrassing and disrupting the Wigan midfield. However, he did live life dangerously with a few too many reckless challenges early on. His second half was much better than his first.

Gerrard - 8 - Typical performance, pulling most of the strings from midfield. Also did his part with Lucas to disrupt the midfield flow of Wigan and keep them snatching at chances.

Allen - 8 - Better than we've grown used to and one of his best games in a while. His passing was much better this game and he was very influential in maintaining possession and starting the attack. However, this clearly is still not his ideal position.

Downing - 8 - Got the early goal which calmed the nerves and set up the slaughter. It was a brilliant piece of movement to peel away from his defender to get wide open. Worked hard the rest of the game to get one more, but it wasn't to be.

Coutinho - 9 - What amazing vision from someone so young. His little drop of the shoulder to get himself open for the inch perfect cross to Downing was brilliant as was his fantastic through ball for Liverpool's second. At times the ball seemed velcroed to his feet. It is rare to see a young player who understands the game so well to see all of these opportunities. Hopefully this wasn't just a fluke.

Suarez -10 - What else can be said about him? Took his opportunities fantastically, even if his second was slightly lucky. When you are in form, you get that kind of luck. He terrorized the Wigan back line all game long and it was a huge sigh of relief I'm sure for them to hear the final whistle. I guess former MLS man Roger Espinoza is a huge fan as well as he went straight to Suarez to trade jerseys.


Henderson - 6 - Lively in his short cameo, but he had some big shoes to fill considering how good Coutinho was. Unlucky to have a header cleared off the line at the end.