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Tuesday Liverpool Backpages

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A look at some of the less important links floating around in cyberspace

Soy un oso!
Soy un oso!
Michael Regan

[Update] Well, this was supposed to publish on Tuesday, but apparently I have very fat fingers on my very small hands and pushed the wrong button. So here are some Tuesday links, a day early on Monday.

Carragher is set to sign a contract to be a SkySports commentator. Now, the real question; will anyone outside of northern England understand anything he says? I'm not sure how he'll get to the job though due to his sentence for speeding. Perhaps he is over compensating for something he lacks on the pitch.

This is a brilliant thread with the worst Liverpool merchandise people have bought. Obviously none of it was officially licensed. Some with pictures, many just descriptions, but most are funny. Worst piece of merchandise I ever bought was my Joe Cole jersey. I wish I could blame it on the alcohol like Jamie Foxx, but I was perfectly sober?

If you haven't seen all the supposed leaked kit designs for next year, here they are. Pretty hideous, at least the second and third shirts. The middle one might be a QR code. I'm not positive, but that would be quite cutting edge and likely a first.

Coutinho now has a song. It's not that good. Hopefully someone can do him one better in the future.

Lastly, Sami Hyypia looks back at his time with Liverpool and talks about his new role as a manager. One of my favorites of all time, it is great to see him doing so well in the Bundesliga. I would rather see him at Liverpool fixing Coates and Skrtel though.