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On The Fringes

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We take a look at some of the fringe players at Anfield, including loanees and youngsters.

As we look toward the homestretch of the season, much of our focus has also been put on next season. With that in mind, I chose to write my first article here on some of the fringe players at our great club. This includes loaned players, and young players close to making the big step into the first team.

I will start with our loaned players, as there names might be more familiar to the general public.

Andy Carroll:

First, there's Andy Carroll, who's situation has been somewhat of an enigma, to the fans, and at sometimes it seems to the man himself. He started off like a house on fire at Newcastle during their first season back in the Premier League, and then was hurt. Despite this, FSG and co. decided with the departure of Torres, it was a risk they were willing to take, buying the lad for 35 Million Pounds.

While it took him a bit to recover, and find his feet in the team, King Kenny stuck by him, and by the end of the season, it seemed to work out. Scoring winning goals at Ewood Park against Blackburn, as well as at Wembley against Everton seemed to have won a place in the hearts of many Kopites, myself included. If you want the truth, I didn't want him to go on loan. I thought he may be a fruitful plan B. But go he did, to West Ham.

And so, in his first match for the Irons, he looked great, hooking up well with Kevin Nolan, winning knock-downs, not getting pushed off the ball as much as he did on Merseyside. I even remember thinking to myself "This is what we let go.... I knew it'd be a disaster."

But then, just a few games into the season, he was injured. There was speculation that he might come back to Liverpool because West Ham couldn't and wouldn't pay his wages. And since then, he's never looked the same. Sure he's set up good plays here and there, but the man is a striker. He's only scored 3 goals in a team where he is the main man. For a player up to his previous standards, it's shocking to say the least. Now, I'm not sure if I want him back or not, and nor, it seems, does Brendan Rodgers. Truth be told, I think the only reason he'll stick around is if we let go of another striker, as Brendan says he wants at least 3.

Daniel Pacheco:

Another player is Danny Pacheco. Danny's seemed to be at the club for ages, but is really only aged 22. He's made quite a name for himself in the U21s, proving a decent goal scorer, but never hit any of the heights in the first team, having made only 5 appearances for the senior side since his debut in 2009.

He seems to enjoy and love the club, and understand what's wanted of him, yet he can't seem to break through; leading some to believe that he must have an attitude problem. However, a lot of people (including me) have faith in the lad, and hope that his hard work and determination has to pay off at some point, surely. Currently on loan at SC Huesca in the 2nd division of Spain, Danny's made 6 appearances and scored 1 goal.

The Hearts Duo (Wilson and Ngoo):

Danny Wilson and Michael Ngoo are 2 players on loan to Scottish side Hearts. One is a Center-back, the other a striker. They have enjoyed a nice spell in the north, both notching up 10 appearances each since their January moves.

Ngoo has been giving defenders a tough time, having previously done so in LFC's reserves. He's known for his pace, and good touch in the final 3rd. Popular opinion is that it won't be long before he's lighting it up in the Premier League.

Danny Wilson looks to be a talent himself, but finds his chances limited, and has spent loan terms at Bristol City, Blackpool and now the aforementioned Hearts. Many people think that he could be one for the future, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Adam Morgan:

Next up is Adam Morgan; a player who Robbie Fowler once commented as having "One of the best finishes I've seen in a long time." He was a player I met personally on the LFC tour of North America, during which he scored a well worked goal in the first match against Toronto. Adam's spent a lot of time in the reserves, scoring goals as well as setting them up and has got himself 1 senior appearance against Hearts in the Europa League. However, after failing to make a good impression he has only that one appearance to his name as a senior player. Despite this, he has remained a firm favorite and looks to be a promising young talent.

Andre Wisdom:

Andre Wisdom is a player that I affectionately call "Andre The Giant" The man is 19, and 6'1. But built like a tank. Jonjo Shelvey was once asked "What does Andre eat for breakfast?" in which Jonjo replied "Humans."

It is this trait that makes him a good center back, however, he possesses good pace and touch on the ball, which makes him useful as right back. Personally, he's one of my favorite young players. I see him having a bright, bright future at Liverpool, as do many of the staff, and players alike. He's made 11 senior appearances and, for a 19 year old, is great for his confidence as well as the confidence the fans have in our youth set-up.

Marc Pelosi:

Marc Pelosi is the resident American at Melwood. He can play on the wing, but has lately been operating in Midfield. The only problem he seems to have is that he is injury prone. He hurt his knee last year, and has broken his leg this year, keeping him out for the rest of the season. He looks good on the ball, and has an eye for goal, as well as good crossing traits. He seems to be a future star for US soccer as well as LFC. As an American myself, I sure hope he is.

Well, that's all for now, and thank you for reading. This is my first "Official" article for Anfield Asylum. I have posted on The Kop before and, as an aspiring writer, am delighted Adam has given me a chance to hone my skills, by writing about the club and family that is closest to my heart.