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Friday Liverpool News and Talking Points

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A quick look at some talking points involving Liverpool.

Streeter Lecka

Will he stay or will he go? Suarez recently made some comments in his native Uruguay that have some people in a panic. However, Liverpool insist he is staying. Suarez has since come out and said his words were twisted by the interviewer and the press. One thing is for sure, if Suarez is willing to wait it our another year at Liverpool, he will be an absolute legend after that no matter what happens after the next season.

The FA is looking into the U21 match against United amid some ridiculous behavior by United fans. The crowd (likely weary due to the long trip from London) was out of control throwing smoke bombs on the field and invading the pitch. Seriously, who runs onto the pitch of a U21 match? You have to be an absolute idiot. If you're going to do it, might as well go all out and earn your ban from all football matches by doing it at a top flight game. There were lots of people on twitter saying they heard racist chanting too, but that is unconfirmed.

Joe Allen has had a successful (although how can they say that until it is healed) shoulder surgery and is out for the rest of the season. Cross your fingers that this was what actually caused his massive dip in form.

A look at the EPL's most accurate passers thus far. There are three Reds in the top ten and only one of them is who you might think.

Lastly, An interesting what if, a look at how the table would stack up if all the shots that have hit wood would have been goals instead.

Come list your local Liverpool or footy pubs here so we can compile a list for everyone to reference.