Your Liverpool Pubs - Where to Watch

Come one and all and list the pubs in your cities where Liverpool supporters watch their games. I will compile the list and try to find a way to post it on the site so it sticks and is easily accessible. In addition, if you don't have a good Liverpool pub, let us know where to watch footy at 7am (or 4am for you hippie West Coasters) in your town.

It would be nice for those of us who travel to be able to find a nice spot to watch a match, or discover a spot you never knew about in your hometown.

I'll start with mine from South Carolina:

Madra Rua Irish Pub in North Charleston. Also home to the Official Liverpool Supporters Club of South Carolina (@LFC_SC)

And here in the Norfolk, VA area:

There is a pub in Virginia Beach called Murphy's that is decent about opening early. They were even open for a match right as a tropical storm rolled in this year which is nice since it is only a stones throw from the beach.

In Hampton there is Park Lane Tavern, but they won't open up early for games except during major tournaments.

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