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The Winds of Change for Anfield Asylum

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Clint Hughes

If you didn't read the Southampton preview, that was Sam Fels' last post. He has a number of other projects that are going quite well and needed to move on. I want to go on record to thank him immensely for this blog and and the chance to write for it. I, Adam (Bromantic), have been given the keys to the Asylum. While it is never good to give one of the patients the keys to get out of his rubber room, hopefully I can keep this going in the same cynical lighthearted spirit that Sam brought.

We still have one talented up and coming writer in loyal2reds and have brought on one more in a good friend of mine whom I have had the pleasure of watching many matches with at Madra Rua Irish Pub in North Charleston, SC. His name is JAceKopite16 and I assure you he is one of the most passionate Reds I know. In fact, he even got a short cameo in "BEING: Liverpool" while watching the team train in Boston which he traveled all the way from Charleston, SC to see.

That said, I am very open to suggestions of what you would like to see. What do you like, what are you sick of? What could be better? And by all means, if you think an article is crap, let us know. I do not plan to steer any conversations in any direction as some sites on this network do by deleting comments when they don't like the direction the conversations are going. That is, as long as all comments are appropriate. The comments are your open forum to agree with us, disagree with us, or bash us (within reason). The constructive criticism will only help. Thanks for everything going forward.



P.S. Sorry if you now have the Scorpions stuck in your head.