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Tuesday Liverpool News and Links

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Mike Hewitt

Some happenings around the club that might get your attention:

Fans are not happy about the rise in ticket prices for next year. These are likely related to Liverpool's release of their debt information, which has seen debt rise. However, Rodgers insists this won't affect spending.

After his horrendous performance over the weekend, Joe Allen has finally pulled out of the Wales squad as well. After what he revealed, he never should have even considered it.

Brendan Rodgers talks about Sterling's dip in form, but insists that both he and Suso will not be loaned out. At this point in the season, it might be wise to see if there are any takers for a two month loan. It certainly wouldn't hurt him to get a bit of experience since he appears to have lost his starting spot.

Nuri Sahin not too happy with his time at Anfield. He seems to think he was played out of position and that is why he stunk it up like a 10 day old pile of feces. However, he appears to be thriving back in the Bundesliga, so it does beg the question posed by this article.