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Liverpool Player Ratings v Southampton

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This could hurt.
This could hurt.
Mike Hewitt

Overall this was a very poor game by nearly everyone on the pitch. Clearly it is a mental thing since they had a week off between matches. With Everton now going ahead in the table, it will be a tough ask to finish in fifth, especially since Spurs lost this weekend which will only seem to energize the others chasing Champions League football. On to the ratings:


Jones - 8 - Not a whole lot he could do about any of the goals. He was basically hung out to dry on all of them.Also made a huge save shortly after the first goal to keep Southampton from running away with it. Also made a huge stop in the second half when yet again the defense fell asleep and he was left 1 v 1.

Johnson - 4 - Very poor game. He was ineffective going forward and partly at fault for the first goal. His touch and passing consistently let him down all game long.

Skrtel - 4 - He had an absolute howler in the first half, claiming responsibility for both goals. He lost his man on the first one and then was late in getting back to track him, and had a trademark stupid foul from behind to give away the free kick that led to the second. An absolute howler of a first half. Was a little better after the break, but the damage was already done. Then he lost it towards the end, allowing himself to get fully twisted around by Rodriguez who slotted home the rebound after another fine stop by Jones.

Agger - 5 - Got caught trying to play the offside trap after the first goal, lucky for him Jones stood big and bailed him out. He really did not look comfortable playing with Skrtel.

Enrique - 5 - Fairly ineffective for most of the game. However, none of the defensive errors can really be pinned on him. Should have done better in the dying moments after Johnson made his only decent play of the game and crossed one in. Enrique then smashed it well into the side netting. That has to at least be on frame, especially when it is on your favored foot.

Allen - 4 - Completely overrun in the midfield and quite rightly replaced in the second. If his shoulder was as bad as he had come out in the media and said it was, then he should not have even started.

Gerrard - 5 - Unable to get control of the midfield. This also meant his ability to set up plays and make his characteristic passes suffered as well. Even when he did get the chances, his passes just weren't on target. Not a good game by his standards.

Downing - 5 - Unable to really get into the game and influence the match. He had a handful of crosses, but no one was ever there. He was unable to create the width he had been providing so well in recent games.

Coutinho - 6 - Scored the goal which the team as a whole did well to stick with and mop up the sloppy seconds. However, he was also played clean in before the goal and smashed the chance right into the keeper. Ineffective in the second when it appeared Rodgers shifted him to just behind the front two and shifted Suarez all the way up. It didn't work at all and he just got lost.

Suarez - 5 - Worked hard as usual, but a very frustrating game for him. Unfairly penalized for the defender's slip shortly after the first goal. That single-handedly might have completely changed the outcome since he was in with no one around him. Was left completely lacking service for much of the game. It is hard to ask him to do much when he can't even get the ball. Picked up an absolutely stupid yellow that puts him one from a suspension at a time they can ill-afford to lose him.

Sturridge - 5 - Not a good day out for him. He broke down in the wall, jumping and turning allowing the ball to deflect off him and into the net for the second goal. Summed up his night when he was played a nice ball across the top of the box by Enrique and completely whiffed.


Lucas - 5 - Did much better than Allen in the midfield, but was still unable to completely take control of it. The sloppy conditions in the second likely didn't help. Had a part in the third Southampton goal in which he over committed and was unable to put enough pressure on Rodriguez from behind to slow him down. He appears to have a problem with over committing since his return from injury.

Henderson - N/A - Not enough time to do anything significant.