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Liverpool Player Ratings v Spurs

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A look at the individual Liverpool player performances in their thrilling 3-2 win over Spurs.

Michael Regan

It doesn't matter how the points come, I'll take them. That was one of the better performances any side has put up against Liverpool this season at Anfield and Liverpool showed the grit and determination that they were lacking earlier in the year. It is good to see.

On a side note since I love to bash refs, Michael Oliver was great and horrible. He handled the many little rifts that occurred throughout the game quite well, showing restraint in not pulling out a card (although Suarez likely deserved one for touching the face of his opponent). However, the rest of the game was as inconsistent as it gets. Both goals came from very very questionable decisions and you could easily argue that Carragher was fouled far worse than Bale on the second goal. Many of the other decisions he made were horribly inconsistent with decisions he previously made. Sure, Liverpool got a penalty and I am here bitching about a ref, but it was a pretty poor performance. I bitch about them when we lose, might as well be consistent and bitch about them when we win too. Anyways, on to the ratings.


Jones - 7 - Not at fault for either goal. While he looked more like one of those machines that shoot tennis ball back at you the way he was giving up rebounds, it didn't cost Liverpool. He also did well to fight off a number of very tough shots including Bale's first free kick that was really moving.

Johnson - 5 - Perhaps that is a bit harsh, but he was poor. At fault for the first goal, partially at fault for the second. In addition, he was very ineffective going forward. He looks to be back to where he was a few weeks ago, lacking confidence.

Carragher - 6 - Just missed getting a piece of the first cross, but kept the defense pretty well organized and Bale/Defoe fairly muted from open play. Not great, but considering Jones was in net too, it was quite a chore to keep it together back there. Fouled, but no call to allow Spurs' second.

Agger - 6 - Not at fault for either goal. Spent a lot of his time covering for Enrique as he bombed forward to good effect. Overall was good at keeping Bale snatching at chances.

Enrique - 7 - Beautiful movement and passing to set up Suarez for the first. He was a threat down the left flank all game which really affected Tottenham's width on the left. Defensively he was solid as well. In addition, his long balls are becoming a real good part of his game and give Liverpool the threat they need to keep defenses honest and open up the short passes.

Lucas - 4 - I realize this is going to spark a little controversy, but I thought he was poor. He was very poor in possession, especially in the first. He got better when Allen came on, but was completely overrun in the first half. In addition, he put the defense under a lot of duress by pushing up to make "tackles" which were really stabs at the ball that you see 8 year old kids make. This happened far too many times when the reality of the game needed him to sit deeper and soak up the pressure, not apply pressure himself.

Gerrard - 7 - Charlie Adam was drooling over Gerrard's performance. His long passes sprung a number of good attacks, in fact he is credited with 5 accurate long balls on 6 attempts. Just as I said with Enrique, it is what Liverpool were lacking earlier in the season to stretch teams a bit. Took his penalty well and was a real force in the midfield, especially in the second half.

Coutinho - 7 - He is going to be fun to watch. His vision is unlike any player I have seen that young. Clearly if there was a so called footballing brain, he has it. In addition, he has the Brazilian flair that he put to good effect, springing Enrique when the movement looked stalled to start the sequence leading to the first goal. He was unlucky to be subbed, but the midfield needed more help as it was being overrun.

Downing - 8 - While his goal was impressive, although I would ask he not try to meg the guy on the line again, it was his defensive work that impressed me. He made sure to get back and cover, routinely breaking up plays or forcing Spurs to play the ball backwards. He also had a couple of very dangerous crosses that no one was home for, but then again that is the story of his Liverpool career. Oh, and he had a 96% pass accuracy.

Suarez - 8 - He was an absolute thorn in the side of Spurs all game. It is really his movement off the ball that opened up a lot of space. Took his goal quite well, threading the needle between Lloris' hand and the post. I would like to see him calm down a bit, but then again it shows his passion for the cause. You can have too much passion and Suarez very tightly walked that line. Did well to get onto Defoe's mistake and earn the penalty.

Sturridge - 6 - Not his best game, but he was still a constant threat. He was alert and along side Downing when Walker gifted Downing the ball. Was nearly clean in too if not for a Vertonghen handball. Much better second half than first, and he worked tirelessly for the cause. Also had a decent claim for a penalty...if he hadn't thrown himself to the ground.


Allen - 7 - He gets the 7 mainly for cause and effect. I can't point to one thing in particular that he did, but what he brought to the table calmed the midfield and allowed Liverpool to get a hold of this game. Good passing, put in a few good challenges and took the midfield back.

Henderson - N/A - Was brought on for fresh legs and to see the game out, which he did. Not much time on though.