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Naturally: Liverpool 5 - Swansea 0

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Of course, Liverpool thrash Swansea when it might be too late.

Clive Brunskill

Of course.

Should have seen it coming. Bet you did. After all the horses had left the barn, Liverpool come up with possibly their most inventive, ruthless, and entertaining display of the season. Oh sure, Swansea capitulated before the match even started (arguably). I didn't expect them to conserve so heavily before the Cup Final which is a full week away. Not many others did either. But you can only play who's in front of you, and what was in front of Liverpool was a team they should wallop. They did.

Let's not get carried away with "If they can only do this the rest of the season..." because we know they won't. Let's not get frustrated that they won't replicate this either. Or that's it's finally a win over a top half team or where it leaves them in the table blah blah blah.

Just enjoy the performance, because it was a joy. Wallow in the fact that they are capable of this, and there aren't too many clubs in the league who can hit these heights of creativity. We'll just keep it at this week, and be happy with that.


-Have Liverpool scored a better goal than the 3rd one for Enrique this season? I doubt it. Rodgers's philosophy at its best, with a touch of audacity.

-I asked last week if Sturridge means this much, and I guess we have our answer. His touch, his running, his confidence to just "try shit", it responds well with how much Luis Suarez occupies defenders.

-Good debut for Coutinho. He was in and out of the match at times, but showed flashes. And the body control to fake the first shot and so quickly open up for the real one, and the venom he hit it with, portends to more. Looking forward to seeing it.

-I'm sorry I insulted you on Thursday, Luis. But if this is how you respond.....well, you suck!

-Was really hoping both Gerrard and Suarez would be subbed off. But Gerrard barely left the center circle for the last half hour, so it shouldn't have been that taxinig.

-Poor Fabio Borini. You always know when these guys are truly in horrific pain. That could be a long one if ligaments are damaged, and it will always be susceptible to go again. I dislocated a finger once. That was agony. I can't imagine doing the whole shoulder.

What else is there to add? Just two hours of forgetting everything that came before and dreading what might come next. That's how good the performance was. I'll wait until tomorrow to be upset it doesn't happen more.