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Playing Out The String?: Liverpool v. Swansea

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Liverpool take on Rodgers's former club. Does it have any meaning?

We'll find out about what priorities Liverpool have now, and what they think is still achievable. Do they think the league campaign can still amount to something? Would they run out already flagging players and eliminate their usefulness for Thursday? Do they think the 2-0 deficit is still salvageable and rest some for that? Can they recover from two bad defeats and flying to Russia and back in four days? Lots of question, a disquieting amount of answers.

As for the lineup, I'm going to go ahead and guess that Gerrard and Suarez won't start. It would be brave indeed from Rodgers to do so, but how often can Gerrard really play? If he goes against Swansea, then I can't see him playing against Zenit. That would leave one to believe that the Europa League has been chucked. As for Suarez, he's clearly become scorched and could use the breather. With Sturridge and Coutinho readily available, there are replacements. Though this may come a little quickly for a full debut for the Brazilian.

In defense, we can expect Agger to regain his place, and Carragher to get a rest. Those aging legs can only take so much. If Rodgers really is holding out for Thursday, Glen Johnson could also slide to the bench. Sadly, there's no one to take Enrique's place, except for maybe Downing but he's already played too many matches.

Swansea have a full lineup to choose from, with the ever-dangerous Michu leading the line. The Swans have only won one of their last four matches, a mauling of QPR. They are ever lethal on the counter, and we know how Liverpool deal with that. They haven't been to the Motherland and back in the week since either. So advantage them. Dyer, De Guzman, Routledge, Williams, the danger can come from anywhere. And Liverpool have yet to beat Swansea since they came up.

All I ask tomorrow is to be entertained. Maybe no more should we view each match and result as something portending to meaning for the future. Right now Liverpool are spinning. A win and good performance are all the reward needed for now.