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Liverpool Player Ratings v Arsenal

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That is an insanely wide tongue.
That is an insanely wide tongue.
Laurence Griffiths

I think it is fair to consider that two points dropped. I have no idea how we were out Liverpooled, but we were.


Reina - 7 - While I think he should have done better on Arsenal's second, he did make a number of fine stops throughout the game including a full stretch stop on a curling effort.

Wisdom - 6 - Got caught a bit narrow a couple of times which allowed for some dangerous crosses. However, overall he had another solid game.

Carragher - 7 - He kept the defense well organized. Took the follow up shot from Podolski like a champ. Overall, this was the best game he has had in years.

Agger - 6 - He overran the ball to allow Arsenal's first goal, losing track of Giroud. Other than that he had a good game and was quite unlucky not to have scored as his header was cleared off the line.

Johnson - 6 - He played a huge part in the opening goal, making the run down the flank and putting in the cross. It did seem as though Walcott kept him pinned in his own half for much of the second. However, his touch is still a bit off.

Gerrard - 7 - Great performance in controlling the midfield early on. Kept Arsenal snatching at chances from distance for much of the first half. Also sprayed the ball around to good effect, starting a number of breaks.

Lucas - 6 - A poor challenge led to the free kick that gave Arsenal their opener. Looked overwhelmed in the second half.

Downing - 5 - Wasteful in possession, especially when he got himself in to great positions. Very quite game and offered little. There were a number of times I forgot he was even on the pitch.

Henderson - 8 - His goal was a superb example of never say never. I have no idea how he wriggled through all those defenders, and he was a bit fortunate, but it was still fantastic play by him. Also, His pressing high really put Arsenal off in the first half. I did find his vision a bit lacking though as you could tell when he got the ball a number of times he was only look up at one part of the pitch, not the whole field. Great game though overall.

Suarez - 8 - Did well to mop up the spilled ball for his goal. He also played an absolutely unbelievably exquisite pass to Sturridge which Sturridge wasted. He was a constant threat as usual and nearly snatched all the points at the end.

Sturridge - 6 - There were long periods of the game where he was completely isolated and starved of possession. He did play a part in the opening goal and well as the second goal. While it wasn't a poor game, I would like to see more clinicality from him. However, I think we all knew that wasn't one of his attributes when he was signed. It is encouraging to see the understanding he and Suarez have.


Enrique - 6 - Not a ton of time to impress, but he did help settle things down. Good to see him getting back from injury.