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FA Cup Draw: Liverpool Get Oldham or Mansfield

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Liverpool have the potential to face a familiar foe...and their CEO who is definitely not in it for the money. It's definitely love. Definitely.

She loves him.  Stop questioning it.
She loves him. Stop questioning it.
Ross Kinnaird

Really, Mansfield again? Well maybe, but you can rest assured we'll see nothing but pictures of the CEO if they get through for weeks on end. However, remember how that ended in near disaster last year? Yeah, I'm sure we'll have to hear all about Suarez's handball and how he "cheated" this poor little Mansfield team.

Let's not forget about Oldham who shoved it up Liverpool's proverbial colon the round after the Mansfield match last season. It should be interesting, hopefully Liverpool can put those demons to rest if Oldham get past Mansfield.

The match is not yet scheduled, but Mansfield and Oldham will play on the 18th to determine who will face Liverpool at Anfield.

However, the most interesting draw is a North London Derby at the Emirates. The full list of interesting draws:

Tottenham at Arsenal

Swansea at United

Fulham at Norwich (I only listed it because it should be a proper crap game of football)

QPR at Everton