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Liverpool Player Ratings v West Ham

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This was a bit more sloppy than I would have wanted, but three points are three points.

Clive Brunskill

It wasn't the most comforting win ever, but it did take Liverpool into second and that is all that matters. However, Liverpool once again have failed to keep a clean sheet. The lack of ability to keep the ball out of their net will be a massive worry against the better sides. This will all be forgotten if Suarez can continue scoring though, he now has the same or more goals (14) himself, even after missing the first 6 games, than seven teams in the Premier League. On to the ratings:


Own Goal - 10 - Good god did own goal show up to play. Hell of a performance that own goal will struggle to match again this season.

Mignolet - 8 - Nothing he could do on the goal. Had a fantastic stop early of a powerful header to keep Liverpool from going behind.

Johnson - 7 - Fantastic cross for Suarez's goal. Got forward well and defended well. Very solid performance

Skrtel - 6 - He scored again...Also let his man run in behind him a couple times as well. He did put good pressure on Collins to ensure Sakho's flubbed shot was pushed over the line by Collins. It might be time to give him a rest for a Toure Agger partnership.

Sakho - 7 - I'd give him the goal. It was clearly going over the line and was merely just given a bit of help by Collins. Solid defending on the whole, especially in the air, but still the defense as a whole was shaky.

Flanagan - 7 - Another very good performance for the youngster who was very effective getting forward as well. Very few times was he lacking defensively.

Allen - 8 - This was a much better performance much more reminiscent of his displays early in his Liverpool career. The center of midfield was under complete control.

Gerrard - 7 - He still has some fantastic passes, but overall his accuracy (especially with short through balls) was lacking at times. That said, he partnered well with Allen to keep control of the midfield and keep Coutinho supplied with service. Cross your fingers he is okay, but it didn't look good as we know his groin and hamstrings are made of string cheese.

Henderson - 8 - He was fantastic all match, a high energy display that was complimented by fantastic vision and deft touch. This was one of his better performances in a Liverpool shirt. His faked shot to slide a pass to Sterling which was barely saved was just one of many fantastic set ups he had.

Sterling - 8 - Lively display, I'm sure he'll be kicking himself still for missing his 1v1 chance in the first half. He was a constant threat once he moved to right wing and played in a number of dangerous balls and won some corners. His head was up all match and he looked much more like the Sterling of early last season.

Coutinho - 8 - He was responsible for making the whole attack tick and his movement on the pitch opened up a lot of space for others to operate in. His vision is just fantastic and he set up a number of positive moves. There were a number of times early though where he picked the wrong option, but he is quickly becoming one of the best players in his role.

Suarez - 8 - Took his header brilliantly, especially considering the sharp angle. He was his usual wiggling, squirming pain in the ass to opposition, but he really should have been more selfish on a number of occasions. How he didn't score more I'll never know. He had loads and loads of opportunities, but too often he failed to put them on target, especially in the first half. His play opens up everyone else so much more. Unlucky not to get credit for the fourth as we've definitely need some like that given to the striker.


Lucas - 6 - Filled in just fine after Gerrard's injury. Good to see him again as he has now had quite a rest.

Moses - 5 - Opened up a bit of space for Suarez on the last goal, but otherwise was untidy and did not impress.

Kelly - N/A - Not a ton of time to rate him on. Glad to see him back and healthy.