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Time for a Thrashing: Liverpool v Norwich Preview

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Liverpool take on Norwich at home in a midweek fixture.

Julian Finney

US: 2:45pm on NBC Sports Live Extra Channels

UK: Appears to not be on TV

Liverpool look to bounce back from a disappointing defeat.  How they bounce back, without Sturridge, will say a lot for where this team is.  Liverpool can ill-afford to drop another three points in this increasingly tight title race.  After an unexpected loss (and slightly unlucky given the nature of two of Hull's goals) Liverpool will be champing at the bit to show the world it was merely a blip...or at least they should be.  Given the 7-0 drubbing City laid on Norwich not too long ago, this is a team that will be vulnerable to the thrashing that Liverpool would love to give them.

The injury news is significant for Liverpool.  If you have been hiding under a rock for the last few days, Sturridge is out for an extended period of time with a sprained ankle.  The SAS partnership isn't much without the AS as we saw on Sunday.  However, there is no reason why they can't silence the small portion of the fanbase that currently has their toes hanging over the edge of the cliff.  After a brutal Derby, it shouldn't be surprising that there are those on the edge. But Liverpool remain in fantastic position to make a run at the fourth place spot so calm down everyone.

Norwich have recovered decently since their embarrassment at Man City. They've won 2 of their last 3 since then although the wins were against relegation strugglers West Ham and Palace.  They've conceded 23 goals which is one below the league leaders in that category, but 7 of those were in one game.  Hughton is a decent manager, but will have to be weary of Suarez who loves playing against Norwich.

All signs point to this being the perfect game to recover from after a subpar performance...yeah, famous last words.

Some thoughts:

-Suarez loves Norwich, having scored a treble in his last two games against the Canaries.  More please.

-Sterling struggled so it will be interesting to see if he gets another chance.  Can't blame the lad, he hasn't seen first team action in ages.

-Coutinho needs to play from the start and play off Suarez.  As for who partners Suarez, it will likely be Moses even though he was largely ineffective Sunday.

-Stevie and Lucas have got to get control of the midfield and one needs to press slightly higher.  They are being forced entirely too deep by mediocre midfields.

-Jordan Ibe anyone?  This would be a decent match to give him a run out.  Either way, if they aren't going to play, Sterling and Ibe need a loan.

-Oh, dear. I'm late again. No matter. Anyway, I'd like to see Coutinho or Stevie pressed forward in a midfield triangle of Lucas, Stevie, and Cou. And then with 3 in midfield we'll have Aspas and Ibe flank Suarez. We need to get goals from midfield, and Stevie's the only one besides SAS that looks a goal threat. This needs to change.

-We need a performance like the one we had Fulham, and not total shit. Cause that's what we were against Hull. Luckily this is at home, but I don't expect a thrashing... Just 3 points will do, I'm not greedy.