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Liverpool Player Ratings v. Hull City

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I don't even wanna talk about it...

Matthew Lewis


Mignolet - 6 - I couldn't decide between a five or a six for the Liverpool keeper. He let in three goals, however none of them were really his fault.

Johnson - 6 - Didn't add much to the game, but didn't subtract either.

Skrtel - 4 - This was a pretty bad game for Skrtel, who had two of the Hull goals deflect off his body and was out of position on the other goal, which flew right by him.

Toure - 5 - Kolo was part of the mad scramble that led to the second Hull goal, but besides that he was fine.

Flanagan - 6 - He didn't play a large role in the match but unexpectedly bombed forward a few times, leading me to yell "GO ON FLANNO!" at my television.

Gerrard - 6 - Let's be honest -- Gerrard's free kick was not exactly a screamer. The goal was certainly well taken, but I think it was more the result of poor goalkeeping than Gerrardian superhuman abilities. Besides the free kick, Gerrard was pretty mediocre.

Lucas - 5 - There were times in the second half when Liverpool could not win possession, and the midfield seemed rather overrun. That's inexcusable for a side with top four ambitions, and a fair deal of the blame has to be placed on Lucas, the man responsible for ball retention.

Henderson - 5 - This matchup seemed ripe for Hendo to exploit, but he curiously struggled, becoming an anonymous figure amongst a poor midfield display.

Sterling - 6 - Sterling looked pretty good, winning a bunch of free kicks and breaking into space off the dribble. It was rather surprising that he was the first man subbed off rather than Victor Moses.

Moses - 4 - Moses was great in his debut match against Swansea, but since then he's been poor. The Nigerian international attempted an ill advised trick in his own third which led directly to Hull City's first goal. He also failed to convert a point blank chance in the second half.

Suarez - 6 - El Pistolero finally looked human, wasting a few decent chances and looking a bit out of the match. He wasn't terrible, it's just that he's set a ridiculously high bar for himself in terms of performance.


Coutinho - 6 - Apparently he still isn't fully fit, but Coutinho was still decent off the bench.

Alberto - 6 - In hindsight, I think Alberto should have started over Moses. Even though he didn't do much in his substitute appearance, I really like what he can potentially bring to the table in terms of chance creation both for himself and others.