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Transfer Friday: To The Wings!!

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Our absence of any sort of presence down the wing is in the spotlight this week.

Alex Livesey

Juan Iturbe-Porto (On Loan at Hellos Verona)

Reports suggest that Iturbe is in form at Hellos in Italy, and the club have a chance to buy him for around 12 million pounds in the summer. However, it's not sure if the Italians can pay that money, meaning that other teams are already looking at his services.

Liverpool look to sign a winger in January, with having let go of Stewart Downing, we don't seem to have that much to say for in terms of width, despite having signed Victor Moses on loan, who doesn't look to have done that well for us yet.

Juan is 20 years of age, and having joined the Portuguese side in 2010, hasn't really made a mark, going out on loan twice. But his potential doesn't seem to be in doubt.

However, why do we end up buying guys with potential, only to see them fade out with not much to say for it? (Jon Otsemobor, Nathan Eccleston, and even more spring to mind.) We need a quick solution to this problem, not one that will only work 3-4 years down the line, unless a young guy'll be fast-tracked, as the case was with Raheem Sterling.

Diego Capel-Sporting Lisbon

And an immediate solution to our problem, along with players that are already there, (I'm looking at you, Jordon Ibe) is Diego Capel.

The Spanish winger has featured 59 times for Sporting and has scored 10 goals... But let's not get carried away with his goal tally. He's a winger, they set up the strikers, they don't score much

We need someone with pace, and a bit of trickery. I would look to Raheem Sterling for this, but his head seems to be far away from wearing a red shirt, and that isn't a very good thing. He needs a loan, which is why we're looking at someone else.