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Transfer Friday: Talking Gibberish

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Two wingers forgotten last week, Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka, are spotlighted this week, as we continue to look at options on the wing

Alex Livesey

Andriy Yarmolenko-Dynamo Kyiv

Yarmolenko is 24, but has been playing 1st team football since 2007 in the Ukraine for Dynamo Kyiv, one of the country's top clubs.

Known for good pace and a strong physique, at a young age he was branded the "New Sheva" by journalists, and has scored 67 times in 193 appearances for the team.

Yarmolenko is sometimes played up front as well, and, for a winger, is surprisingly tall at 6'2. It would be interesting to see what he can bring to the table, as the Eastern European leagues are so different from the West. Could he adapt as well as someone like Coutinho has?

Cou didn't play much senior level football at Inter, but still, even Italian football is completely different, especially to the style Rodgers plays... So, the only problem I see is adaptation.

Yevhen Konoplyanka-Dnipro

Konoplyanka is the same age as Yarmolenko, 24, and plays and hails from the country of Ukraine, though he plays for Dnipro, most known for their recent forays into the Europa League, and who are gaffered by ex-Spurs boss Juande Ramos.

He, like Yarmolenko, had a small part in his sides' 2007-08 campaign, making 3 appearances in all competitions.

Konoplayanka, however, doesn't have the same scoring streak as Yarmolenko does, scoring 32 goals, although playing in an exact 40 games less than his Kyiv counterpart.

Like Yarmolenko, the only problem I see with his signing is whether he adapts or not. He's got the skill. I seem to remember an excellent strike against England at Wembley, but just because you're playing in England doesn't mean you're playing in the English league, of course.