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A Saturday Stroll - Liverpool 4, Fulham 0 Post Match Thoughts

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Liverpool bounce back with an absolute thrashing of Fulham in one of the most complete performances we've seen to date.

Alex Livesey

It is exactly the response Brendan Rodgers and all fans were looking for and it once again showed the world that these Reds are serious contenders.  With Chelsea's slip up the mighty Reds are now sitting a point clear of Cheslea Southampton.  Don't adjust your screen, you read that right.  Couple that with City's loss this morning to Sunderland and this has been a massive weekend for the Reds.  The only thing that would be better is a draw in the Arsenal Scum match. Finally Warrior's motto of "We come not to play" is no longer an embarrassment.

As for Liverpool's match, it was about total domination from start to stop.  With Liverpool having over 67% possession and an astonishing 32 total shots to a mere 4 for Fulham.  Mignolet was a mere spectator for the entire match and must have been bored out of his mind.  To facilitate this Liverpool amassed a total of 722 passes.

Fulham stood resolute for about the first 20 minutes were ultimately undone by an own goal off a corner.  After that, the walls came crumbling down as Liverpool asserted their dominance and Berbatov became an increasingly isolated and forlorn looking figure as the game went on.

Shortly after the first, Skrtel came forward and blasted a header into the net and the rout was on.  At this point the only question remaining was how many. Obviously Suarez wasn't to be denied and he picked up the remaining two goals (although I think he thinks he had a treble as he tried really hard to claim the OG).

This is how you get to the Champions League spots.  You win the games you are supposed to win and the others are just free points.  Unfortunately we now get another international break leading up to the Merseyside Derby.  Cross your fingers everyone gets out of the healthy and unjetlagged.

Some thoughts/observations:

-With this crazy league right now, goal difference is likely to be important.  I would have like to see more clinicality in the second half since they started it 3-0 up and only managed one more.  Yeah, it is a little thing, but may be important down the road.

-Sturridge didn't come over to celebrate Suarez's second as Suarez selfishly took it when the pass to Sturridge may have been the better option.

-In addition, he became very selfish in the second as he frustratingly sought a goal of his own.  I'm more than fine with it when Liverpool are 3-0 up, but I worry he might turn into that player as Suarez takes more and more of the spotlight lately and hit confidence starts to fade a bit.

-Coutinho played a bit deeper that Henderson it seemed which allowed Henderson to be massively influential.  Henderson was everywhere.

-Liverpool had absolutely nothing down the left flank. It is quite clear Cissokho is a bit oafish in attack and is a massive downgrade to Enrique in attack.

-We had a Joe Allen sighting! He still has a pulse and that good to see and to see Stevie get a break.  He had some decent touches too.