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Don't Screw It Up - Liverpool v Crystal Palace Preview

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Liverpool are on their best start to a campaign in quite some time as they take on Crystal Palace Saturday.

Unfortunately, they'll both be wearing these for the match.
Unfortunately, they'll both be wearing these for the match.

US: 10:00am ET on NBC Sports

UK: 3:00 pm BST (It doesn't appear to be televised)

This weekend Liverpool look to continue their excellent start to the Premier League campaign against Crystal Palace who are only above Sunderland on the table currently. While it wasn't completely unexpected that Palace would be sitting this low upon their return to the Premier League it certainly doesn't mean they should be taken lightly. However, it does make one wonder if they wish they had held onto Zaha.

For Liverpool this should be a walk in the park, but in this Premier League of parity (or mediocrity) anything is possible. After a decent showing against Sunderland, Liverpool cannot afford too many slip ups against the teams they should be beating. They've already had one at home to Southampton, too many more against the lower table sides (like United) and the optimism will quickly turn sour.

Liverpool are still far from their best with the current crop of injuries. Luckily almost all of them should be fit at around the same time. Johnson, Cissokho, Allen and Coutinho still seem a few weeks away from full fitness and Agger is questionable. Because of that we'll likely see the 3-5-2 all over again. With Sturridge and Suarez firing on all cylinders, this should be a pleasurable viewing experience.

Some thoughts from us:

-I'd like to see Henderson played in Moses' role and maybe push Moses out wide. The only issue with that is Moses is not a player that is going to track back properly. (Adam)

-Stevie G looked better against Sunderland, but it was Sunderland. However, he'll likely be hampered by Lucas' suspension. (Adam)

-Kelly, as a CB, might be a good replacement for Lucas in the center of the park. He is decent on the ball as we've seen and in the 3-5-2 is essentially playing as an advanced CB. I'd love to see how he does. If Agger is fit it might be interesting to see him there too. If there was a game to experiment (as long as it doesn't involve 4 CBs) this is it. (Adam)

-Kelly would be an interesting maneuver, but it's going to be impossible to really fill in for Lucas without Joe Allen fit. We have a few potential problem spots around the pitch now, but our overall quality should cancel out what advantages Palace find. (loyal2reds)

-There's talk that Aggs might play the Lucas role, but having just come back from injury, even with the Dagger liking  the ball at his feet, I don't think that's a good idea, I'd like to see Hendo in that position, and Ibe out on the wing, however, that'll probably be Raheem or as Adam said, Vic Moses. (John)

-I'd also like to see a fast start. That hasn't been the case the last couple matches, and especially against a team like Palace, who could get more and more into the game as time goes on, it's really vital that we get that. (John)