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Liverpool Player Ratings v. West Brom

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Suarez goes off and Liverpool dominate.

Threes are the bees knees
Threes are the bees knees
Clive Brunskill

Mignolet - 6 - He wasn't bothered much by the West Brom attack, which amounted to little more than a rumor. The only two memorable plays involving the Liverpool keeper were when Anelka passed him only to be denied by Skrtel, and of course the humorous penalty.

Toure - 7 - Toure has been solid, but after some mumblings of a discontented Agger, I wonder if it should be the Dane starting at the Emirates. Agger can be every bit as solid as Toure, with the added chance of putting on an absolute clinic in the back.

Skrtel - 7 - Once a forgotten man around Liverpool, Skrtel has arguably become the man. When his nerves are right as they were against West Brom, Skrtel is a beast.

Sakho - 7 - Sakho was on point, making up for his negative performance against Newcastle.

Lucas - 7 - I think that Lucas is a bit underrated, because when he plays well like he did against West Brom, nobody notices, while his poor games stick for all to see.

Johnson - 6 - Glen didn't need to be a star, but he quietly went about his business and had a decent afternoon.

Cissokho - 7 - It's clear that Cissokho is a fairly one dimensional player, but luckily that one dimension is a good one, with his under pressure cross to Suarez earning an assist.

Gerrard - 8 - An eight is likely a little high, but it's hard not to get carried away after finally seeing Gerrard make some bursting runs through the midfield, one of which ended in the Suarez opener. Stevie also sizzled a free kick into the area that set up the Suarez third, capping a great overall match. Someone finally told Rodgers that substituting off his stars during blowouts was the smart thing to do, as he took Gerrard off early ahead of the upcoming clash against Arsenal.

Henderson - 6 - Hendo could have had a higher rating, but his passing let him down in a number of key situations. This was the most advanced role he's played in all season, and perhaps that made him feel pressured to make the perfect incisive pass.

Sturridge - 8 - After a subpar first half, Sturridge scored a peach of a goal and smashed the bar on another strike, leaving a family of three smaller crossbars alone and weeping at Melwood.

Suarez - 10 - The first ten I've issued this year, I believe. Actually scratch that -- I gave Mignolet a ten for his penalty stop in the season opener against Stoke. Anyways, Suarez was brilliant against the Baggies, notching his first hat trick at Anfield with a mixture of power and cheek. The goal tally almost ran to four when he went for a highlight reel bicycle kick, only to see the effort strike the bar. With all due respect to Arsenal, if Suarez maintains his current form on Saturday there is no stopping him.


Kelly - 6 - Nice to see him back.

Allen - 6 - Back him see to nice.

Alberto - N/A - He didn't have enough time on the pitch to make an impact, coming on in the 89th.