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Hole in the Baggie - Liverpool 4, West Brom 1 Post Match Thoughts

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Liverpool put in one of their best performances to date, thoroughly besting West Brom and former assistant Steve Clarke.

Clive Brunskill

First, I apologize for the delay in getting this written.  Saturday was my daughter's fifth birthday.  It was 5 years ago Saturday Xabi Alonso scored off Bosingwa to win 1-0 and it snapped Chelski's 70 some odd game unbeaten streak at Stamford Bridge. My wife said she wanted a rest after the birth so I ran straight to the bar to catch the match. It was awesome and so was the birth of my child.  On to the good stuff.

Well that is a good way to prove your doubters wrong.  Liverpool bounced back with an absolutely exquisite display, throttling West Brom for 90 minutes.

It took Suarez only 12 minutes to break the deadlock and he did so with a brilliant display of individual skill after he received the ball on the edge of the box and nutmegged Olsson leaving him more redfaced than a ginger in the sun.

It only took Suarez 5 more minutes before he put one of the best headers you'll see in the back of the net.  After some tidy passing Cissokho put in a cross for Suarez who brilliantly headed it into the top corner from the edge of the box leaving Myhill no chance.

Suarez made it three slipping the ball off his head and into the net from a beautifully floated in free kick from Gerrard.  Sturridge, not wanting to be left out, had a few fantastic chances of his own including one that nearly broke the crossbar before he cooly and calmly chipped Myhill with the deftest of touches.

There were numerous other chances too that weren't put away, Jordan Henderson had a nice curler that just didn't bend enough, Suarez missed on a couple free kicks and Skrtel completely whiffed from a beautifully orchestrated free kick that saw Gerrard pull the ball back for him.

All in all, it felt like the game we've all been waiting to see from this team.  It was a battering that should give Liverpool confidence in attack.  That said, the three at the back did give up some quality chances (not the  craptastic penalty call from the Mr. Magoo assistant ref) that they'll need to cut out, but overall it is hard to argue with these results.

Some post match thoughts:

-Let's just get this out of the way, what the hell did the assistant referee see to call that penalty?  That is up there with the dumbest calls I've seen.  I hope he has seen the video and is hanging his head in shame.

-Suarez, all I can say is wow...and his best effort didn't even result in a goal (the little overhead kick from 6 yards)

-SAS is back, and even if Sturridge was off for the first half we can officially call the Newcastle game just a blip.

-Skrtel is playing with fire.  He does so much shirt tugging in the box it is only a matter of time until he is punished.

-Early on it felt like Liverpool were getting way too tight to West Brom as they received the ball with their backs to goal far from the box.  This led to a number of stupid fouls early that they can't afford to be giving away.  I like aggressiveness, but it needs to be tempered with common sense.

-Henderson was in his own little world and struggled with his touch and playing with the team.

-Coutinho's return will be massive for Liverpool.  While they have proven more than capable without him, he brings that extra cutting egde.

-Along with that, they'll need him to play the 4-3-3 for Arsenal.  Three at the back leaves them a little vulnerable against an Arsenal side that is clicking well right now.