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Wednesday's Rubber Room: Liverpool News and Links from the Interwebs

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It's time to take a look and see what others are saying on the interwebs.

He is working the mike well.
He is working the mike well.
Julian Finney

-The site has been chosen for the new inquests into Hillsborough. After the numerous altered documents that were found earlier, the truth and justice is getting closer.

-Could truer words ever be spoken? You'll have to answer that yourself after Carra gets a great dig in on Gary Neville.

-Luis wants to fix his reputation. Don't talk about it Luis, just do it. To his credit, I don't remember any instances of him begging for a yellow from the ref for an opponent as he often does on Sunday. It's a step in the right direction.

-Mike Goodman from Grantland takes a look at what Suarez means to Liverpool's play on the field.

-Someone thinks our strikers are too similar. I'll pull a Fox News on this one. I report, you decide.

Concerning the lesser teams:

-If you like reading asinine articles on Mancs, look no further. Some how this author has anointed Phil Jones "the closer of Old Trafford".". If you're done shooting juice out your nose have a read and a laugh.

-It's a week old one I linked before, but too good to pass up. Moyes is in over his head and he knows it. Thanks to our favorite troll nolefansam for sending me the link initially.

-Torres is such a Seriously, I don't know if this or biting is worse. Ok, it is probably biting, but not by much.

Lastly the art of confusion, German style: