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Liverpool Player Ratings v. Sunderland

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Liverpool win 3-1, climb further up EPL table.

Gareth Copley


Mignolet - 7 - He'll get some criticism for the lackluster goal he conceded, but he was quite brilliant besides the one mishap. Not only was he again making stupendous saves, but he also started the break that led to Liverpool's third goal.

Toure - 7 - This was his best game at right back so far, as he regularly bullied Sunderland's attackers off the ball.

Skrtel - 6 - Skrtel was partially to blame for the Sunderland goal. Beyond that blip, he played pretty well.

Sahko - 7 - This was Sakho's most impressive match in red, controlling the aerial game against Altidore and generally playing like the beast Liverpool signed him to be.

Enrique - 6 - Enrique was a step down from the meeting in Manchester, but was still good enough for a six rating.

Lucas - 5 - Another yellow? Really?! Lucas is already up to five on the season, which means he is suspended for the next match. D'oh.

Gerrard - 7 - Gerrard played an incredible diagonal ball to Sturridge in the build up of a move that finished in Liverpool's second goal. He needs some rest though.

Henderson - 6 - Hendo isn't a very good crosser and it showed against his former team. However, he was alright in other aspects of the game, and once again proved to be the steady engine of a buzzing Liverpool side.

Moses - 5 - Moses has got to start playing more cohesively with the other players on the pitch if he wants to keep on starting. He has enough talent to take over a match, but he needs to stop trying to dribble past everyone; Brendan Rodgers wants a passing team, not a dribbling team.

Sturridge - 9 - Maybe the most impressive game of the season for Sturridge. He was great for the full 90, scoring one off his shoulder and setting up two cupcake goals for Suarez.

Suarez - 8 - Suarez wasn't good merely because of his two goals, the second of which was harder than it looked, but because of his excellent movement and link up play with Sturridge. He was sharp as a razor, and I expect much of the same from the Uraguayan against Crystal Palace.


Sterling - 6 - Drew his customary foul and was average beyond that. I've been writing that same line all year.