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Liverpool Player Ratings v Mansfield Town

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A look at the individual player performances in Liverpool's controversial FA Cup victory against Mansfield Town FC.

She definitely loves him for him.
She definitely loves him for him.
Laurence Griffiths

This game should have been put well away before all the craziness. At least ESPN has apologized for Jon Champion's comments during the game. The game overall seemed as sloppy as the pitch. It was played at the frantic level of a U10 game where the kids aren't old enough to know they should be tired from running. It was painful on the eye and has become more painful in the press. Thank God it is over.


Jones - 8 - He stood strong under a lot of pressure during this game and made a number of good saves. My only knock on him during the game was that his distribution was quite poor. He either put his defenders under immediate pressure a number of times or just missed altogether. Good game between the pipes though.

Robinson - 6 - Good enough, but isn't looking like he will be breaking through anytime soon.

Coates - 5 - He desperately needs more playing time. The rumored loan would be by far the best thing for him. He was shaky when being run at and even failed to provide a commanding presence in the air. Not good from a big center back.

Carragher - 6 - Did well to keep the youngsters organized in the back and also had a decent game in defense with a couple last ditch tackles/blocks. However, when it takes playing fourth tier opposition to make you look okay, you know it is time to hang up the boots.

Wisdom - 7 - Another good display from a young player who is looking more and more like a viable option for the future. He did well going forward and helped provide a lot of the pressure early on. He was also very solid in defense.

Lucas - 5 - Another quiet game from Lucas who should have done better to control the midfield in the second half. It was a sloppy game overall which sometimes can make positioning difficult, but he seemed to be bypassed consistently after Liverpool's early pressure subsided and had a couple dumb fouls.

Allen - 6 - Failed to repeat his similar recent performance in the more advanced role and again has failed to gel when playing alongside Lucas.

Downing - 7 - This should have been his chance to put his skills on display against a bunch of part time footballers. However, he really never seemed to turn the screw and take people on after the initial flurry of pressure in the first half. In the second, he did spring a number of the counter attacks and set up some decent chances that weren't converted.

Shelvey - 7 - Great link up play with Sturridge shows this might be a good combo for the future. He really controlled the attack and pulled most of the strings. On a night of subpar performances where many players played down to their competition, he stood out. Brilliant pass on the first goal to send Sturridge in and on the one Sturridge missed.

Suso - 6 - He seems like he is always on the verge of something great, but then it just never comes off. He moved well off the ball creating a lot of space early on, but just like most of the team he was unable to continue his form as the game wore on.

Sturridge - 8 - Can't argue with a debut goal. He came to play and really should have at least had one more, if not two. With finishing like that, he'll fit right in. However, I did like his movement and he actually played one very nice through ball.


Henderson - 6 - Nothing really of note to talk about which isn't good considering how long he was on the pitch.

Suarez - 7 - Ugh. Let's just not talk about it. Ironically, it is the same linesman apparently who ruled Suarez offside in the Derby.

Flannigan - N/A - Not much time, but apparently enough to pick up a booking.