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There's Some News, None Of It Is Really Good

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There's been minor happenings over the past couple days, but nothing to rouse me from my post-Arsenal defeat daze (my college roommate is an Arsenal supporter, so you can see why these defeats tend to sting a bit more than just a normal one). But we should get to them before we all adjourn for the international break.

-John Henry found it necessary to pen an open letter to the fans, firmly filing himself in the "Methinks he doth protest too much" category. For one, I'm kind of sick of proclamations and promises from Henry and Werner, and then watching them fuck off back to Boston where they can fist-fuck their baseball team into oblivion with a simply terrible managerial hire. If you follow baseball, you're not exactly encouraged by their running of the Red Sox that they can turn Liverpool around. And when and if they do, it'll probably lead to a squabble between them and Brendan Rodgers (or whatever other manager achieves it) as to who gets the credit.

Of course, this has cause Spirit of Shankly to start a campaign that will inevitably lead to, as Football365 calls it, "A march to the match you were going to anyway from the pub you were already at." But there is a point this time. Calling for an executive who is based in Liverpool would be an excellent idea, especially as Ian Ayre continues to prove he can redefine the word "putz." When split decisions need to be made or club policy bent, as it was on deadline day, someone has to be there with the authority to make the call. There has to be someone there to keep Rodgers informed on what it is he's exactly dealing with, as he seemed a bit caught cold on what his transfer limitations were and what they weren't.

But here's the problem: FSG has never been one to delegate more power away from themselves. While they're smart guys, they also like to be in control. Theo Epstein wanted a bigger title than General Manager, he got a wave to the exit door in Chicago where he could find it (causing my Cubs-blue heart to jump with joy, and prepare for the patience it will take). This way, they could keep Ben Cherington who would still have to answer to them. I get the impression FSG likes having a direct line to Rodgers, or at least Ayre who doesn't seem to have much clue about the football matters. I doubt they're going to jump at putting another impediment between them and what's on the field. But that's just a guess or a hunch.

-Liverpool released their Premier League and Europa squad lists, and you'd better not look at them if you don't want yet another reminder of how thin things are. Suso, Yesil, and Pacheco are in the Europa one, even though they haven't sniffed the first team since preseason. And considering where things are, they'll probably get a run out in it too, to go along with the League Cup which they'll probably have to carry. The Premier League squad only had 16 outfield players, but don't over-panic as all the kids who are 21 and under don't have to be on that list to be used. Needless to say, Sterling, Assaidi, Pacheco, and maybe even Suso are going to get more looks than we thought. Which for some of them, means any at all. God help us.

Oh, and so will Joe Cole. But that won't make you feel better, will it?