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Raise Your Hand If You're Surprised

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John Terry gets half of Luis Suarez's suspension.

Shaun Botterill - Getty Images

I guess there was a little part of me that thought there would be consistency from the FA. Why that part of me hasn't been lit on fire and tossed out into the alley I have no idea. Because the FA and logic have never met, never been on the same street, and it's likely they have different zip codes.

To others, this will be more Liverpool supporter caterwauling. And maybe it is. But it's hard to reconcile how it takes a full year to suspend noted penis Terry for half the time the FA took only months to sentence Suarez to. There are obviously differences, ones they were all too quick to highlight. Suarez was sentenced because he repeatedly slurred at Patrice Evra, though in the report it all sounds like it comes from one or two encounters. Terry only, apparently, yelled at Anton Ferdinand once.

Secondly, Terry went through a criminal trial and was acquitted there. Perhaps the FA didn't want to hop on too heavily after that, as it would appear goofy. But then again the FA is goofy.

But it's hard to escape the feeling that the FA piled on Suarez because that was easier. After all, he's the diving, cheating, scheming South American that everyone already didn't like. And though no one likes John Terry either (I wonder if Chelsea fans can really say they do with a straight face) he's England's Brave John Terry and we can't be seen to punish our own as much as Suarez. Even though Suarez hasn't been revealed to be a true scumbag off the field like Terry has.

But then I wasn't expecting much different. And actually, having Terry on the pitch is probably more detrimental to Chelsea these days.

-In utterly shocking news, Daniel Agger isn't all that hurt. Brendan Rodgers even went so far as to say he has an outside shot to play this weekend at Norwich. Fabio Borini is a little farther behind and probably won't make it. But after the performances of Assaidi and Suso, is there anyone out there who wouldn't rather see them tossed out against The Canaries alongside Sterling and Suarez?

-We only briefly mentioned it in the wrap yesterday, but Liverpool have been drawn at home against Swansea in the next round. Aside from all the storylines with Rodgers facing his old team, it's a good reward for these kids to get a home tie. While the competition saw plenty of empty seats around, I hope that's not the case for that match. These kids have certainly stirred something in a lot of supporters with their performances in Switzerland and last night, and one hopes they are rewarded with a boisterous Anfield atmosphere to aid them in trying to progress.