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Love Ain't For Keeping: West Brom 1 - Liverpool 2

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Liverpool's kids fight back against Baggies to progress.

While a lot of people will be using another Who song for their headlines and articles, I steadfastly refuse. So I'll use better Who song titles whenever the kids are playing, thank you.

I won't lie to you, I didn't see the game. I couldn't find a backdoor feed that my computer could run smoothly enough to not make me nauseous. I followed along on Gamecast as best I could, read the tweet, followed other people's wraps of what transpired at The Hawthorns. So I'll piece together what I can from what I've learned.

-This is the second consecutive match that Suso has come on and then immediately played a role in a goal. I don't think that's coincidence, and while there are injuries I think the young Spaniard has played himself onto the fringes of the first team. And that's fine by me.

-Nuri Sahin seems to be everyone's Man of The Match, and by reputation he's most certainly the classiest player on display today. While his first two appearances were tidy and not spectacular, you could see him feeling his way while his more adventurous side was rattling the cage within him. Sounds like it's starting to come out, and his two goals will probably see him between Gerrard and Allen Saturday. But is he comfortable being the most advanced midfielder? Will Gerrard be as good there as he was deeper against United? Can Sahin support Allen in a checking role? All questions to be answered.

-Ossuama Assaidi opened some eyes too. Willing to take on defenders and actually beat them, and he plays a position where it's easiest to get games right now in the first 11. Because with Borini injured, all he has to do is prove more worthwhile than Downing or have Suso moved into midfield. Sounds like we'll be seeing more of him.

-Sebastien Coates is the more likely to pair Skrtel in the league one would think. Just more comfortable with what Rodgers is trying to do. That said, Carragher put in a heartfelt performance to keep West Brom from drawling level at the end.

-Jordan Henderson was tidy after his first mistake which led to the freekick which led to Brad Jones's error which led to the Baggies goal which ate the cat which ate the rat in the house that Frasier built. Still, he'll probably have to settle for another sub appearance or two in the league with Sahin claiming Shelvey's place, which Jonjo would only have until Lucas is fit. It's a constant puzzle, no?

It's definitely heartening to see the kids fight back from a goal down to get a win, something the veterans haven't exactly made a habit. This is also the second time they've done that. And it's even more encouraging that they seem to be doing it in the style the manager wants. The more well-versed they are now the easier it will be to slide them into bigger and more important matches. Another round in the League Cup also means another match (against Swansea) that they get a chance to show what they can do. And right now, they're doing all the things we're interested in seeing. Color me excited for both the next Europa League game and the next round of the Cup. Few things outside of winning a title or Cup is as exciting in sports as watching young players grow and seeing if they really turn into something. We may be there now.