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Liverpool v Man U Player Ratings

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These are becoming increasingly more difficult to write as it is becoming the same old tired story; Liverpool out play opponent, Liverpool struggle to convert possession to goals, Liverpool draw or lose. However, I think that all of us can see what is happening and the transformation is coming along. Imagine where Liverpool would be if Rodgers had some of the £110m that Comolli and Daglish spent.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the refereeing, which was abysmal. I made the mistake of posting on The Busby Babe game thread that Fergie was slacking by failing to secure the appointment of Howard Webb. Karma is a bitch. Apparently he found a diamond in the rough and got Howard Webb's successor. I am just disappointed that Ryan Babel didn't tweet a picture of Mark Halsey in a United top. It's okay to do now Ryan, there won't be any repercussions this time. I will say, my biggest disappointment in the refereeing isn't all the decisions that were wrong or highly suspect, it is that it completely ruined what is one of, if not, the marquee match of the EPL season.

Enough about that, on to the ratings:


Reina - 6 - A gaffe free weekend. It's a start. He had little to do but pick the ball out of his net. There was absolutely nothing he could do on Rafael's beautiful curler. That was just an unbelievable shot. He guessed right on the penalty and almost had it, but with that much pace on the ball it was always going to be a tough save.

Kelly - 7 - Fantastic in his defensive role and also wasn't shy about getting forward. He is now lost for the season. This is an absolutely crushing blow.

Agger - 6 - Huge mistake on the pass from Suso led to the United penalty. It also may have ended his 2012 season which will seriously hurt Liverpool's chances of even claiming a Europa League spot. I guess it is time for Coates to sink or swim since we know we can't rely of Carragher.

Skrtel - 7 - Solid game in defense. Didn't put a foot wrong really all game. He looked a lot more confident and composed than he has looked recently.

Johnson - 8 - An absolute beast of a game. He gave them fits in attack, and put in a superb defensive game as well. His drive to catch up to Valencia was unreal. The penalty was absolute crap as we all know and he is very unlucky to have had it called and spoil what was a fantastic showing.

Gerrard - 9 - God I hope this means he is officially back. His goal was superbly taken and you can tell what it meant to him on this day. He made the entire midfield go today and looked better in the more advanced role that he had to take up due to Jonjo's red. This is the position he needs to be in.

Allen - 7 - He was exactly what we have come to expect from him. Composed on the ball with fantastic vision and passing. Another good game from him. He even took his space when it was afforded to him to make attacking runs. Something he has seemed reluctant to do up to now.

Sterling - 8 - The lad gave Evra an absolutely torrid time. He made him look like a school boy. He is a real gem and is completely justifying all the supporters calls to get him in the line up last year. I still don't quite understand the substitution though. He didn't look tired and was really Liverpool's most dangerous player yet again.

Shelvey - 5 - He wasn't playing too poorly up until the incident. He was extremely unfortunate to be the only one sent off or just sent off period. However, I have commented numerous times on his young over-exuberance in challenges and it bit Liverpool in the arse today. Was it a sending off, for me no. He won the ball too, he didn't scissor him even though his left leg was in position too and both players left their feet. I did like his passion in having a go at Fergie, but perhaps that wasn't the best move either.

Borini - 6 - Seriously, he is like a young Dirk Kuyt; he runs his ass off and has an awful first touch. He did make some very useful runs, but they were undone by his lead foot. Still, it wasn't an awful game for him. However, it remains to be seen how severe his injury is.

Suarez - 7 - A typical game of running at defenders and being extraordinarily dangerous...but has nothing to show for it. His reputation receded him as he had a decent claim for a penalty in the 57'. What I don't understand is if the referee thinks that is a dive, then Suarez has to be given a yellow. Perplexing.


Suso - 7 - With Borini likely out for a bit, he will be a more than capable fill in. He looks like he is going to cause a selection headache very soon for Rodgers. Immediately involved in the goal and was very dangerous and tricky. forced a good save from Lindegard as well. For being such a big game, he looked as calm as someone playing pick up football.

Henderson - 6 - An odd sub, but he did well enough given the circumstances. He hustled and got into some decent positons.

Carragher - N/A - On too late to realistically be graded. However, it was still shaky.