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Q&A With Bitter And Blue

Yeah, these guys.
Yeah, these guys.

When we can, we like to share in the community we have here. So today we exchanged questions with Danny from Bitter And Blue. You can find my answers to their questions there. Match preview will be up tomorrow.

Honestly, how is it being a City supporter now because really how is it going to get better than the final day of last season? Ever?

In terms of individual moments it would be hard to top winning the league in such a fashion as they did. In fact, how can you exceed such a moment that no matter how many times you see it fails to diminish its meaning and sense of euphoria?

What City need to do now is build on the past two seasons - the FA Cup and Premier League wins - and create a sustained period of success; to build a dynasty in the way that United and Liverpool have done.
No big signings in the summer. Is that a worry with what's gone on at Chelsea and the Scum across town?

Not necessarily. City are at the stage where major additions are no longer needed. One or two areas need strengthening but there are no holes in the squad at this point.

Chelsea have spent big on some impressive looking players but don't forget they (and the other non-Mancunian sides) are starting some distance back.

United I think will be City's main challengers and Van Persie does give them an added threat. However, I'm not convinced he will be a great fit for them (or would have been for City either).

I expect City to retain the title with less points than last season, but with a wider winning margin.

Is making a mark in the Champions League this time around the main priority? What went wrong there last year, other than Edinson Cavani?

I did think it would be, but as the season has come around winning the title is the undoubted priority.

It is important that they improve upon last season in Europe which was underwhelming and Mancini has questions about his ability to bring Champions League success, but having won the Premier League it does feel that it will still be the big prize.

What's your biggest fear about this season?

Given fears about City often involved concerns about relegation or failure to win promotion we now exist in a strange world where City have not so such concerns.

Failure now, you would think, involves not winning a trophy so given what we as fans have experienced in the past we are just basking in the positivity.

Ok, be honest, Edin Dzeko is completely pants, right?

I do like Edin Dzeko I have to say but he remains a perplexing player.

We have seen moments from him but he has been too inconsistent. The difficult is the competition he has; I do think he would be a better fit playing as the lead striker or the focal point of the attack.

Whilst he can blow hot or cold he does have the ability to score goals (at key times too) so I would be sorry to see him move on.

Your thoughts on Sunday's match?

I'd be a little more confident had Liverpool not been so bad last week as I an wary of a backlash after defeat at West Brom, particularly being the first home game of the season.

Don't forget, Liverpool were one of the sides who matched up well against City too in 2011/12.

A point would not be a bad return for City but if Liverpool are still adjusting to Rodgers style City could be good for the win.