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Who Will Be Liverpool's Top Scorer?

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Moving full steam ahead on our questions about what we're about to see in Liverpool's season. Today's question is probably way easier than yesterday's, which had a lot of options because of the host of the disappointments of last season. This one? Well, it's one big option, and then whether you agree with it or not.

The main candidate, and seemingly the only one, is Luis Suarez. The only thing holding him from taking this title is either injury or the abstract finishing that kept popping up last season. If El Pistolero keeps making love to the woodwork, well then someone might pip him. But it's obvious that Rodgers is going to build the attack around him, judging by tossing him straight into the starting lineup mere days after joining up with the squad. He also has someone who can link up with him better other than sporadically, or at least we think so after one game with Fabio Borini. But we do know that the Italian is the mobile, clever player to play alongside Suarez that the Uruguayan has never enjoyed at Liverpool. Kuyt was clever enough but not fast. Maxi and Bellamy were both but either couldn't or weren't allowed to play with Suarez regularly.

Another factor that will aid Suarez's goal scoring, or might, is the advanced position of Steven Gerrard. We know how Gerrard aided Fernando Torres by being in spots where he could find him easily. He'll occupy defenders, or if he doesn't he'll be free. Having Gerrard closer to or in the box can only aid the strikers chances to score.

However, that makes Gerrard the other candidate to be the team's leading scorer. The past two seasons have seen Gerrard playing deeper than he had in the past, which cut down on his opportunities. It seems Rodgers is intent on getting him at the sharp end of the midfield again. With the mobility and creativity of both Borini and Suarez, there should be a lot of space for Gerrard to hit late and threaten. That is if he can get there. We're three seasons removed from his 29-goal bloodletting that almost brought #19 home. He only started 12 league games last season. Quite simply, health almost certainly won't allow Gerrard to come close to leading the team in net bulges.

Is there another candidate? No, not really. We'd love to believe Borini will challenge but that's kind of fanciful. 10 goals in Serie A probably doesn't translate to 20 or so in the EPL. Wish it would, but unlikely. Andy Carroll? Ha! Wouldn't that be wonderful?