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Post-Weekend News and Links

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Is he coming back? Do we want him back?
Is he coming back? Do we want him back?

We haven't done one of these for a while, so here are some news and links to check out:

Brendan Rodgers offered some interesting comments on Andy Carroll - Perhaps everyone is reading a bit too much into it, but it was some odd wording of his comment about AC loan rumors.

An interesting article on Joe Cole's potential to have a revival this year - Not sure I buy that it will happen, but there is a nice video of highlights of his season on loan last year.

More after the jump:

Uruguay have named their Olympic squad, which includes both of Liverpool's Uruguayans. - This means Suarez will likely not be touring in North America and will probably be tired for the start of the season. Just what we needed.

Lucas discussing his recovery - It will be great to have him back. Three years ago, I never thought those words would come from my mouth. What an amazing transformation.

A great read on Liverpool's financial situation from The Swiss Ramble - This man is fantastic at analyzing the finances of football. While the link is about two months old, it is still a good read for anyone interested.

Stevie G named to UEFA's Team of the Tournament - Along with ten, yes ten, Spanish players. While we are on the subject, Glen Johnson also had a fantastic tournament. Hopefully that means good things for Liverpool at the start of the season.