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And Just Like That, They're Back

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After the holiday here in the Colonies, and a brief bout with sickness, we all wake up to find that those who did not participate in summer tournaments are back in preseason training, with Brendan Rodgers having held his first meeting yesterday. It always sneaks up on you, though it doesn't really get going until everyone is back which is yet a few weeks away. Which means....nothing has really happened. To wit:

-As you know by now Liverpool lost out on Gylfi Sigurdsson to Spurs. While it's always a little disheartening to lose out on a target to a club that just a couple years ago would have never beaten you to a signature, this one shouldn't cause too many tears. As we discussed when the rumors first started popping up, Sigurdsson would have crowded an already confusing central midfield. Gerrard, Henderson, and possibly Aquilani all play the same spot or can. So it's not like losing out on him leaves a gaping wound in the side. He does have youth, but so does Henderson, and Liverpool need to maximize that investment anyway if at all possible.

-Speaking of Aquilani, here we go again. His agent is on the bullhorn talking about how his future has to be sussed out quickly, as if Rodgers could tell if he wants to keep him after one or two training sessions. The thing is, no one in Italy appears to want Aqua, which is kind of sad. I said it last year and I'll say it this year, Aquilani has a place on this team and the manager is going to really like him if he's committed. It was obvious that Dalglish would have preferred to keep Aqua around until the player or Comolli balked (whichever you believe). I don't see how Aquilani can't fit into what Rodgers would like to do.

-Luis Suarez has committed his future to Liverpool after talking with Rodgers. Which is nice, except I didn't know there was a possibility he wouldn't. We all worry about a big money offer from a huge club coming for Luis, and until and if that happens, these are just kind of words.

-And still no transfers in. But I guess it's early yet?