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Tour De Over And Other News

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Liverpool end their preseason tour of the Colonies tomorrow afternoon in Baltimore. And nothing sounds quite as pleasant as a July afternoon in Baltimore, where the air is thick enough to feel in pass between your fingers and choke out your lungs. But hey, the seafood is good. And if you're going down there today, the Baltimore Aquarium is kick ass. Also, be sure to check out this from our Fanshot section to meet other AA readers and red supporters. Anyway, some news before a small preview.

-Apparently, West Ham are ready to offer something like a 17 million pound offer for Andy Carroll. I say something like, because it's a loan this season with the option to cough up the rest of the cash for the following season. That feels like it could go balls-up in a lot of ways, and probably won't blow Brendan Rodgers's skirt up. 17 million is probably the best Liverpool can do, and the fact that it represents half of what they paid is a little sobering. But as we've said a million times, the price for Carroll was inflated terribly by the circumstances around it, and those don't apply here. And as we've said recently, selling a striker when you're so thin at forward just doesn't make a lot of sense right now. No matter what Rodgers thinks of Carroll before he's even got a chance to coach him, even he would admit he's providing the only depth at the position. Stay tuned.

-Steven Gerrard guarantees Liverpool will finish in the top four. That's nice.

-As for tomorrow, I always think it's weird when two Premier League teams play each other in a preseason friendly. But I guess they're both over here, and it's not like it's an opponent that generates that much bile as an Everton or United or even Arsenal might.

I think we can expect the Euro vacationers to all get a run out tomorrow. You would think all of Johnson, Gerrard, Henderson, Borini, would get about a half of action, though not in the same half. Whatever work Carroll gets will be awfully interesting for all those involved. I would also think Lucas will get a full half of work after getting 15 and then 30 minutes of action in the first two friendlies. Skrtel and Agger will probably get about an hour of work together, and we can all look forward to watching Jose Enrique's hour of work from behind our couch. The trip to Belarus for the Europa qualifier is six days away, so this will be the only prep for it, and should give us a good idea of who Rodgers wants to play in that.

I'll have a thread up for it tomorrow afternoon. Til then, have a good weekend.