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The Case Against Joe Allen

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We don't need no more of this maybe.
We don't need no more of this maybe.

So after watching Craig Bellamy come close to having his legs amputated against Senegal, making me even more excited for this season (yeesh), it's time to address this. While the rumors keep percolating about Joe Allen joining Liverpool for anywhere from between 10-15 mildo, with Swansea getting angrier about the vultures circling, there's a growing debate among Liverpool fans whether it's worth the trouble and money.

The reasons against aren't because he's not tall enough to get on most roller coasters. In fact, the argument against has nothing to do with the player at all, because most Liverpool supporters find Allen to be a fine one indeed. But the problem is he seems to be more of what Liverpool already have in abundance.

There's plenty of argument against that, however. He's only 22, and could be around for a decade or more. Same thing was said about Jordan Henderson. He could take Charlie Adam's spot, which most Liverpool supporters, this one included, wouldn't mind. He also has the ability to back up Lucas as the deepest midfielder spot, something Liverpool lack at the moment. It's not Jay Spearing no matter how much they keep trying to put him there.

But right now, the Liverpool midfield has Lucas, Spearing, Shelvey, Gerrard, Aquilani, and Henderson. That's six players for what is three spots in the Rodgers 4-3-3. That doesn't even include Adam, who probably isn't going anywhere. While we can say Allen or Henderson or Shelvey are all part of the future for Liverpool, how long can any of them not get games before they want out? They can't be part of the future if they're not here. Allen provides a numbers problem.

But more importantly, he provides a money problem. We know that Liverpool's transfer kitty is not what it was. It's limited. We don't know how much more than the 15 million Allen might cost that Rodgers will have to get other players. And there are simply bigger holes than central midfield that Liverpool need to fill. Right now they have two-three central strikers, depending on where you think Suarez will end up. And one of those is being pushed out the door at the first available chance in Andy Carroll (still not sure I buy Rodgers's recent love bouquet to Carroll, which is probably only meant to drive up bids for him). There are basically no wide players on the roster other than untested kids and whatever Joe Cole is these days. With Jose Enrique's descent into the pit at the end of last season and the start to preseason, is everyone sure the club is set at leftback? There are just other needs here.

Maybe Allen is worth it. Maybe one day we'd regret not bringing him in when he was younger and cheaper. But right now, it just doesn't seem to add up.

-The other news today is that Alberto Aquilani came out to say that he was forced out of the club by both Hodgson and Dalglish the past couple years. You never know with this he said she said stuff. Surprising to hear about Dalglish, who seemed to indicate genuine affection for the player. But Aquilani and Rodgers seem to see eye to eye at this point, and I doubt the Italian goes anywhere. This preseason he's already blended into the new system, and if given the chance could be one of the surprises of the season. Just a shame we had to wait three seasons for it.