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More Of The Same

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Just get here already.
Just get here already.

As we approach the first preseason friendly of the year, there's more and more news bubbling up. Some websites, including the one owned by NESN which is owned by the Red Sox which is owned by the same guys who own Liverpool, had actually printed that Clint Dempsey was a Liverpool player. That was quickly taken down. Now Brendan Rodgers has come out and said Dempsey is a player that interests him, and you start to get the feeling that there's enough smoke here that eventually there's going to be a fire.

Also in that article is another lukewarm endorsement of Andy Carroll, in which he strangely keeps mentioning the price that Liverpool paid for him. He sounds like he's writing on a message board. What it really sounds like is he's begging for anyone to come in at pay for him to cut down on that price and give him some money to play with, because you have to believe that layout is somewhat handicapping Rodgers now (how long before he complains about the 20 million spent on Downing, which was a far worse investment?). He's almost dismissive that a player that cost that much should fit into his system, seemingly not believing that Andy will. This is going to end in a force out of Carroll or the big Geordie shoving it up his ass.

But you can see why Rodgers would prefer Dempsey over Carroll. While Dempsey's merits can be debated as the day is long, he's more mobile and skillful than Carroll. Rodgers is probably dreaming of a front line of Suarez-Dempsey-Borini. That's one that can interchange and roam all over at the drop of a hat. They can all go wide or all come in and all search for space. That's what Rodgers is looking for. Whether it's what you want, that's up to you.

-Luis Suarez was talking about Patrice Evra again. I'm so sick of this and it's all gotten so stupid I'm just not going to talk about it any more.