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Oh My God, Actual News

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Welcome, lad. Handsome, aren't you?
Welcome, lad. Handsome, aren't you?

I know, I couldn't believe it either. But here we go!

-Liverpool have agreed a fee, somewhere in the modest neighborhood of 8 million, for Roma striker Fabio Borini. So the collection of strikers who can play all across the line but not score all that much grows. As you know, Borini played for Rodgers at both Chelsea and Swansea, so this is clearly a player that Rodgers has targeted as someone who'll slot right in to the system he wants to play. It's good to have a clear vision for once. He's also only 21, so you imagine he's the type who should be hitting his prime right as Liverpool are blossoming into title challengers again. Or so is the hope.

While some are going to mock his scoring record at Roma, he did bang them in for Rodgers at Swansea, be it only in nine appearances. And Roma had a host of other problems this season as well. Where does he slot in? Not exactly sure. Maybe he's thrown right up top with Suarez and name your other striker after Carroll goes to give Rodgers the shifty, clever attacking troika he wants. Maybe he's just support for Suarez. Maybe they both flank Carroll if the Geordie stays. For only 8 million he doesn't have to be chucked right into the lineup to justify a fee, and his age would suggest there's some grooming to be done here. Whatever, it's finally good to have a new player to discuss.

-The real signing of the season could be the one the club made three years ago, and that's Alberto Aquilani staying. Once again, his agent has come out to say that he's going nowhere, though it's an agent talking and this could always be to drum up interest elsewhere. But I think a majority of Liverpool supporters want to see Alberto stay, and want to see how he fits into what Rodgers does. Because it seems like it should be as fluid as it could possibly get. He's designed to sit in front of Lucas and Gerrard in the three-man central midfield and pick passes out as well as get himself into the box, which is Aquilani's entire game. It seems as if Rodgers wants to get a look at everyone, and if he gives one to Aqua, a lot of us think he'll be greatly rewarded.

-Oh, and he wants to keep Maxi, which wasn't all that hard to call. Though there's only one year on his contract and Rodriguez has been angling for a move home with Newell's Old Boys (maybe the most fun club name to say), Rodgers clearly knows what we knew, that in a passing and moving system Rodriguez's brain will be a perfect fit. He obviously wants to give Maxi more games than he got under Kenny, and Liverpool aren't blessed with great depth on the wings. Maxi is a useful player -- though it took me a couple seasons to get to that conclusion -- and can help this team now get back into Champions League contention. Whoops.

It's not Earth shattering stuff, but it's something. Good day and weekend to be a Red.